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Hotel Sex Stories You *Need* To Read

'I have never had chemistry like that with someone.'
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Hotel sex rendezvous are often thought to be the dirtiest and sexiest of illicit encounters, as far as TV and movies would have you believe. But how true is it really? Here, 14 women share their real-life hottest hotel sex stories, so you can see yourself.

  1. "I met him at the door in a sexy little get up and and four orgasms later, we went back to work. We spent a full three hours having sex in all kinds of different positions, kissing, groping, exploring... oral on him, oral on me. You name it." [via]
  2. "A couple of weeks ago, I stayed at a hotel with the guy I'm with for his birthday, and his best friend and his girl also came with us. We all shared a regular room with two beds and they passed out early. He ended up going down on me and we had sex for at least a good hour with them literally like three feet away. Something about the thrill of getting caught makes things so much hotter." [via]
  3. "My favorite holiday sex was when my SO and I stayed at a motel with a shower that was large enough for two, (our shower at our rental at the time was tiny!), so we showered together. My SO started washing me, and as his soaped up hands slid all over my body, he got very hard. One thing led to another, and after lots of soapy shower fun, he lifted me up and pushed me against the shower wall, and it was so hot and amazing." [via]
  4. "We stayed in a high-rise four and a half-star hotel with floor-length windows for one of our trips, and were pretty far up, overlooking the skyline. We threw the curtains open all the way, turned off all the lights, and fucked right up against those humongous windows, so that anyone in the entire city could see us if they lookedexcept they couldn't because we were in the dark. But the thought was still there, and it was really wild sex." [via]
  5. "I was straddling my boyfriend naked in a hotel room in a really tiny town that we were staying in. I pulled out one of those Bibles in the night stand and began reading from Psalms. Was it sacrilegious? Maybe. Something about it was sexy... or maybe wrong? I'm not sure. But I enjoyed reading beautiful passages while sitting naked, very vulnerable in every sense. And when I had read all my favorite passages, we had great sex. Sorry, Jesus." [via]
  6. "Me and my boyfriend got a lovely four-star hotel room and after quite a large amount of drinks stumbled back. It's good to note our room was on the first floor next to the lift. After fucking for a good 25 mins, we give up and I went to the restroom, and passed the door. But it wasn't shut. I'd been moaning and he'd been taking charge with the whole floor having full commentary!" [via]
  7. "My favorite is getting a room with a balcony over a pool and fucking right on it, or through the windows in the middle of the day. The thrill of someone catching you just makes it so much hotter, it's unbelievable." [via]
  8. "My husband and I had sex in front of a guy that masturbated while watching." [via]
  9. "Off and on for 10 to 12 hours of nothing but fucking (and rest when needed) in a hotel room when I was seeing a guy at work. We had been building the tension for weeks with only textingbarely touching until the first time we had sex together. We got the hotel because neither of us were in a situation to have the other over. When we got to the room, clothes were being pulled off as we closed the door. Choking, bondage, spanking, you name it. Fall asleep, wake up, fuck, sleep, fuck etc. The dom to my sub. Horrible person to date, but I have never had chemistry like that with someone." [via]
  10. "Our last hotel stay ended up with us having sex with the balcony shades pulled back, an exhibitionist move we normally don't do at our own dwelling." [via]
  11. "We were on holiday once and one evening we heard the couple next door having sex on the balcony. We got so turned on, we did it too. For the rest of the holiday both couples did the same every evening before dinner. We used to all just give a cheeky smile and wink at each other when we saw each other around the hotel." [via]
  12. "Husband I go on a sexcation once a year for four days. Massages. Lots of moonshine and sex in an isolated cabin. We were in the outside hot tub naked and sipping moonshinewe love having sex out in the open and being able to be loud." [via]
  13. "My ex and I were staying in a hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wrightit was night time and the shades for the windows (which surrounded the room) were open and the bed was facing them and we fucked for over an hour in what was basically a fish bowl. Anyone could have seen us from one of the taller buildings." [via]
  14. "Nothing really changes about how we have sex. If anything, it's a little more vanilla because we don't have access to all of our various sex toys. The one thing that does change is that we make use of the balcony. Don't have a balcony overlooking other people in our house, and my fiancée enjoys how naughty it feels to go at it where other people might see us if they look up." [via]


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