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6 Ways Guys Can Tell If You're Good In Bed

Are you into yoga?

1. You eat phallic food
The cliché goes, "the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach." Food can also be the best way to cook up a storm in his loins. There’s a reason why men can’t help but gaze at a woman who’s eating a banana, a popsicle, or a hotdog. Then there’s the licking of lollipops and ice cream. If a guy stares long enough, he starts to imagine that the edible is actually his penis. So the next time you have any phallic food in your hands, make sure you bite down hard so he doesn’t get any ideas. 

2. Your dance moves
It’s no surprise that clubs have become a veritable breeding ground for hookups and one-night stands. The way you shake your moneymaker is a good indication of body control. If you can twerk like Miley Cyrus, chances are he’s hoping that your smooth moves translate to the bedroom as well.

3. You're into yoga
Yoga isn’t easy. It’s awkward and tiring, but it can give participants the best rush and afterglow right after–in that way, it’s just like sex. Sweating, bending, and being on all fours are just some of the steamier aspects of yoga your instructor failed to mention. And you wondered why there were a few stray dudes in your Bikram class.

4. You can do a split
How far a woman’s legs spread open clues men in on position possibilities. If you’re as bendy as a gymnast, he’ll be excited about the mere fact that you might be capable of turning all pretzel-like during intercourse. Just make sure you don’t break any bones in the process.

5. You enjoy horseback riding
If a guy takes you horseback riding on a date, don’t get blown away by his romantic intentions. Yes, he’s whipped you off to the idyllic countryside for some rest, relaxation, and a whole lot of animal-related activities. Quixotic as it may seem, he wants to see if you can ride, and if you ride good. Hopefully, if things work out, you and your man will be galloping your way to the bedroom. 

6. You make unsexy clothes look hot
You’re wearing an oversized sweater, yet your ability to stir a man’s fiery emotions never lets up. You’re in jeans and a simple t-shirt, but your sex appeal permeates your casual getup. When a woman can make a potato sack look seductive, it excites men with the possibility that she’s a freak in the sheets. 

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