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How Long Should You Wait Before You Break Up With Someone?

When it comes to breaking up, timing is everything.
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No matter how hard you try to make it work, your gut usually tells you when a relationship is unsalvageable. And there’s nothing crueler than pretending there’s hope when you’ve emotionally checked out. So how and when do you end it with your partner?

  1. Think about it for a long time.

    The decision to end a relationship shouldn’t be done on a whim. Take your time and really think about why you want to do this. Did you two just have a fight? Did he or she say something to hurt you so now you’re entertaining the idea of letting go?
  2. Can things change?

    If you’re unsure or if you want to leave because of an issue that keeps coming up, have a serious talk with your partner. Tell him or her how you feel, suggests ways of how you two can handle the issue, and then see if things improve or not.

  3. Ask yourself if you’ve tried everything.

    People always say, “It takes two to tango.” It’s hard to consider that maybe you’re partly to blame in why your relationship isn’t as good as it used to be. What are some things you could do to make things better?
  4. End things civilly.

    Disastrous breakups happen because most couples wait until they reach their breaking points before telling each other how miserable they’ve been. One way to make sure you and your partner stay kind is by reminding yourself that, while you two weren’t a great fit, you actually still care about this person.  
  5. Stick with it.

    Once you’ve logically made the decision to break up, don’t regress by letting your emotions take over. It’s normal to feel a deep longing for someone you loved for so long, but stay rational, and don’t second-guess yourself.

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