16 Guys On How Often They Really Masturbate

'Once a day, usually, if I'm single. Actually, even when I’m not single.'
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  1. “I didn’t really realize I have a routine until now, but yeah, I masturbate once a day after I come home from the gym, usually, after I shower, and right before I get to bed.” Jake, 28
  2. “I’m in a new relationship. And we’re still at the ‘have sex all the time’ phase, so not much.” Liam, 27
  3. “Once a day, usually, if I’m single. Actually, even when I’m not single, probably once a day.” Marc, 26
  4. “I used to jerk off like, three times a day. Now it’s once every two or three days, because I’m old and tired.” Ryan, 33
  5. “Once a day, usually. Sometimes life gets in the way.” Kevin, 28
  6. “It’s not like I have a record of this or anything, but probably once every other day on average.” Ethan, 29
  7. Twice a day, probably.” Bryan, 26
  8. “It’s weird, but I feel like I masturbate more when I’m in a relationship. Like, having sex ramps up my sex drive, I guess? But every few days.” - Nick, 29
  9. “I want to say daily, but it’s not an exact science.” Steve, 25
  10. Once or twice a day, probably?” Scott, 26
  11. “A few times a week. I go through periods where I masturbate a lot, which for me is daily, and then sometimes don’t for long periods of time.” Kyle, 29
  12. “I’ve noticed it's mostly when I’m bored. In the winter when I’m cooped up, it’s daily. In the summer when I’m busy, not as much.” Drew, 27
  13. “I just started a new job and the hours are long. I’m earning my stripes. I don’t even have time to masturbate.” Pat, 30
  14. “Twice a day on weekends, but never really during the week. That’s not a hard and fast rule or anything, though.” - Rich, 28
  15. “My girlfriend and I have sex a few times a week, so I can’t imagine having much left in the tank after that.” Zack, 27
  16. Every day. I feel like I need to once a day to keep my head straight.” Luke, 28

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