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Here's How To Actually Get Over A Broken Heart

Whatever you do, don't get caught keying your ex's car, mmk?
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Love is pretty much the greatest feeling in the world. That is, until it ends. And unfortunately, it's around the holidays when there's a spike in relationships coming to an end. So Happy Whatever!

So, what should you do if you find that your person is no longer beside you? You glow the hell up. Here's how:

  1. Connect with your girl gang

    It’s time to call your girls, stat. “Friendships are the consistency that your relationships aren’t,” says Shasta Nelson, friendship expert and CEO of Between the highs and lows of rollercoaster dating—read: fuck bois who can’t make up their damn mind—your crew is always there. And whether it's someone who's known you since you were in diapers or a more recent friend you met through work, these people can help you rehash all your feelings over wine and ice cream, which is the perf first step to moving on.
  2. Get busy

    Even something as simple as joining a new club or volunteering at an organization you feel passionate about is a great way to keep your mind off of things, all while doing something healthy for yourself. If working out is your thing (or you want it to be!) join a gym and start gaining those ah-mazing endorphins that come from gyming, running, cycling, or whatever your beat is.
  3. Accept the hurt

    This part sucks, but it’s inevitable for every break-up. Yes, it is going to hurt. And suck. And you may feel like going all Beyoncé-esque and want to start smashing shit with your bat. But accepting all of these emotions and stages of the break-up is totally normal. It’s all part of the process to mending your heart back together.
  4. Ask for help

    There’s nothing better you can do for yourself than making your mental health a priority. Speaking to a certified counselor or therapist can help you process all of this heartbreak that you may not be able to process yourself. Not sure where to start? Try making an account on TalkSpace, a great place for you to seek help from the comfort of your own bed.
  5. Treat yo’self

    To a vacay, a mani/pedi, a Netflix binge-watchathon if you need something ASAP. Either way, finding a way to relax is crucial through this whole breaking up funk. You deserve it, bb!
  6. Make a fuck-you playlist

    And maybe make it private. Fill it with songs that instantly make you feel better. Our fave break-up anthems atm? Ariana Grande's "Thank u, Next" and Carly Rae Jepson's, "Party for One." Listen to your playlist any time you feel yourself getting down in the dumps or seeing him update a new pic on IG. Also: Can we just agree that it's OK to unfollow your ex, by the way?
  7. Enjoy being solo

    Hey, it’s really fun! And not as daunting as it may seem after ending a LTR. And no, you don’t have to jump right back into the dating app scene. Live your life sans bad dates for a minute.
  8. Write your ex a note

    But, don’t actually give it to your ex. I mean, unless you think it will land you in a Lara Jean/Peter Kavinsky sitch, then by all means, go for it. But you may find writing out your feels to be super therapeutic—especially knowing he won’t see it. Write about why you’re hurt, confused, scared, unsure, and all the other anxieties you are enduring. And if you do actually want to give him a final parting gift, tell him thank you.
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