How To Have Hot Hallway Sex

Can't wait until you reach the bedroom? Get creative all over your house—starting in the hallway.
THE PLACE: Hallway

THE POSITION: Back-to-the-Wall Quickie

Hike up your skirt or slide down your jeans, then face your guy and lean against the wall with your legs slightly spread. Next, guide his hands to the backs of your thighs, and wrap your arms around his neck as he lifts you up and holds your legs snugly against his hips. "Plant both of your feet against the opposite wall for leverage," suggests Los Angeles sex therapist Don Etkes, PhD, author of Loving With Passion. "Or if your hallway isn't narrow enough, wrap one leg around him and plant the other foot on a low stool to support your weight and give you height to reach his pelvis."

This primal position is perfect for fast sex because you achieve intense clitoral contact as he presses against you to maintain the position, explains Etkes. Plus, your guy is able to thrust deeply. As an added bonus for him, clamp your thighs as snugly as possible around his waist. "Tightening your grip will narrow the vaginal canal and create very pleasurable friction for him," says Etkes. The torso-to-torso intimacy of this move means you can dive in for hot, wet kisses to feel more connected.
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