8 Ways To Have Great Sex Without Being So Loud

No one will ever know!
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Cecilia Sharpe, a sex expert, give us eight tips for having GREAT sex on the DL...

  1. Blast some music.

    "Music can hide all manner of moans and groans, so tell your family you're wrapping presents and not to disturb you, then turn up the volume and enjoy some alone time," she says. "Don't forget to actually wrap the presents afterwards, or that's your cover blown."
  2. Try face-to-face positions.

    "Also give positions with less thrusting involved a go," Cecilia adds. "This way, you can communicate non-verbally with eye contact and kissing. Plus, you can cover each other's mouths with your hands." Practical and hot AF.
  3. Use extra quiet toys.

    "Extra quiet sex toys are perfect for undercover action," she explains. 
  4. Gather some pillows.

    "Whether your family is driving you mad or you're in the throes of passion, pillows are perfect for screaming into. A modified version of doggy style, where one partner is lying on their stomach, is perfect for this," Cecilia says.
  5. Move to the floor.

    If your problem is a banging headboard or squeaky bed, move things to the floor. Cecilia suggests, "Make sure you put a quilt down, though, as carpet burns on Christmas morning are not a great look."
  6. Make the most of the bathroom.

    "Running water should drown out any tell-tale noises," she says. "But make sure you're careful; baths and showers are slippery places, especially if you add lubricant and another body into the equation. And obviously. don't do it on Christmas morning, or you'll emerge to find a queue of your nearest and dearest outside the door."
  7. Make excuses.

    "If you really can't be quiet, build up the tension with texts and touching throughout the day, then make your excuses and stay home when everyone else goes [out]," Cecilia says.
  8. Focus on oral.

    Instead of thinking of penetration as the end goal, why not spend more time touching and teasing each other's bodies? "It'll only make it more exciting when you can finally make as much noise as you want to," she says.


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This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com/uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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