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How To Have Sex In A *Bathtub* Without Hurting Yourself

Rub-a-dub-dub, you're getting laid in the tub.
bathub sex
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When it comes to places to have sex, the bath might not exactly be the first spot you think of—but between the temperature options, the steamy ambiance, and the varying water pressure options, it's about to become your favorite.

Even if your bath is the same place you cry and shave and watch Netflix, it's also a sacred space to relax, recharge, and have multiple mind-blowing orgasms. And experts agree it's either a great way to be intimate with your partner or to get intimate with yourself.

"Because the space is small, there's a lot of skin-to-skin connection," says Jordan D’Nelle, intimacy coach, physician assistant, and founder of the Vaginas, Vulvas and Vibrators podcast. That extra close contact = lots of sultry results. So from the best sex positions and sex toys to tips and tricks, here's every single thing you need to know about bath sex.

Is sex in the bath okay?

Absolutely. In fact, erotic educator and founder of Organic Loven Taylor Sparks says it's the perfect place to relax and release stress with or without a partner. But since warm water can ease tense muscles and the distraction-free zone ensures your mind is away from TikTok or Instagram, it's basically like instant foreplay from the second you step in the water.

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But as with anything sex-related, it's essential you get consent before filling the tub and expecting your partner to join. Some people might prefer to just chill in the bath or simply have their partner watch them bathe. Others might like masturbating in the water over having partnered sex or intercourse. Either way, chatting about preferences first can ensure you're ready to go as soon as the water's hot, explains sexual health educator and founder of wellness blog It's Just a Coochie Jasmine Akins.

How do I have sex in the bathtub?

First off, it's important to get your expectations in check because, hi, it's not going to be like the movies. So basically, go into the act knowing things might feel a bit awkward starting out. A good sense of humor and lots of communication will go a long way here, folks.

But before any of that, Sparks says you should do some prep work. Not only should you clean your tub beforehand, but you should also shower off first. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but if you plan on getting intimate in the bath, "bathwater that has been ‘bathed in’ typically has chemical-based soap, body wash, and body dirt and/or toxins," says Sparks. This could lead to vaginal infections or a pH imbalance.

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Once you're all scrubbed, Akins says to pay close attention to the water levels as you fill the tub. Since two people will make it rise much higher than just one, don't fill up your bath as high as you normally would. You'll also want to check the temp with your hand before hopping in to reduce the chance of burns or those annoying lukewarm bath chills.

Then, get your lube ready because being in water can actually decrease your natural lubrication. You'll want to use a silicone-based lube—since, again, water-based lubes are not optimal when in the shower or bath—to keep things feeling nice and slippery down there. Just know you can't use silicone-based lube with majority of sex toys because silicone on silicone degrades the material.

After all of the prep work comes the actual sex. Try manually stimulating each other's genitals while spooning or riding your partner while they sit in the water. We'll get into some more positions below, but as long as you're careful and everything's consensual, the options are pretty much limitless.

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Is it safe to have sex in the bathtub?

Generally speaking, yes, but the biggest thing to consider is the slipperiness factor. Between soaps and lubes and oils, the tub is likely slick, which can be dangerous when getting in and out or switching positions. All the experts recommend investing in an anti-slip mat to reduce the risk of injury.

Additionally, Akins adds that bathtub handles (which you can get on Amazon right here) are a great addition since they can not only help you stay steady for safety, but they also help with leverage.

Lastly, instead of reaching for your usual soap, grab some bubbles that are pH balanced, especially if you're doing anything involving penetration. Using non-balanced soaps can result in UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and infections, Akins explains. And if you use a condom, be extra careful since the water makes it more likely to slip off or break.

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What are some good bathtub sex positions?

For vaginal or anal sex, the partner with a penis or strap-on can lay back while the receiving partner can straddle them on top or wrap their legs around their torso, suggests Akins. You can also try classics such as reverse cowgirl and doggy style, just make sure you have something to hold onto, like the rim of the tub.

If you're not quite feeling it, Sparks suggests using the tub for foreplay or aftercare instead of penetration. Ultimately you'll likely have different options depending on the size of your tub, but playing around and seeing what works—with some flirty splashing mixed in—is half the fun.

Some bath sex tips

  • Cue up a sexy Spotify playlist or play an erotic audiobook to set the mood.
  • Turn off the overhead light and light some candles around.
  • Bring some wine, strawberries, or sparkling water into the mix.
  • Try out oral sex, just make sure everyone's head is well above the water.
  • Wrap a washcloth around the faucet and grind against it. (But never, ever use the faucet for penetration.)
  • Angle your clitoris under the running faucet, while your partner teases your other erogenous zones.
  • Take turns bathing each other, putting in some extra TLC around those erogenous zones.
  • If you can see yourselves in the mirror from the tub, take advantage of the view.
  • Or purposefully have sex in front of your bathroom mirror before hopping in the bath for some aftercare.
  • Play with the water pressure—use the shower head like your own personal sex toy.
  • Bring in a sex toy.
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