How Do You Know If Your Crush Likes You Back? These Romance Authors Have Some Helpful Advice

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When we like someone, there’s always this certain uncertainty of whether they like us back or not. We can't deny the euphoric feeling we get when our crush seems to like us back, but if they don't? Not exactly the best feeling in the world.  

Now the big question is: How would you know?

Don't worry. Many of your favorite heroines in your books have felt the same way. Their misadventures on love and growing up are the heart of most of Pop Fiction's stories. To figure out how these characters navigated the thorny maze of love, we asked these romance authors for their thoughts. Many of them have written some of the most popular Wattpad romances around, which have been turned into books under the Pop Fiction line. 

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Here’s what they said when we asked: How do you know if your crush likes you back?

strawberry008, author of Hopeless Romantic

"You’ll feel like they are actually interested in you and that they care about you. They pay attention and actively listen to you. [I] hate mind guessing/reading, so they should say it as well. For the sake of assurance."

Read strawberry008's Hopeless Romantic here

ivojovi, author of The Other CEO

"When you talk, they make sure to keep the conversation going. They make sure you’re always safe. They pay attention to the little things. They start to care for your family. Most importantly, they respect you enough to tell you things you really don’t need to know. (Like yung magpapaalam bigla na lalabas with friends, haha!) 

Read ivojovi's The Other CEO here. 

hanjhanjbeybe, author of Make It Real

"You will just honestly feel it without being assuming when you start noticing [the] little to big things na ginagawa niya for you na hindi niya ginagawa sa iba. If ginagawa niya sa lahat, maybe he's just friendly. If sa'yo lang ginagawa, maybe you're extra special. (Also, drunk texts and sober madaling araw messages [are definitely a sign].)" 

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sinistersnow, author of Her Gangster Life

"I think mafe-feel mo 'yon. Not in an assuming way, but it's when you notice that they suddenly want more of your attention. They do little things like check if you laughed at their jokes, take interest in what you do and what you like, and when they try to spark a conversation with you whenever possible."  

Read sinistersnow's Her Gangster Life here

Chelsea_13, author of Vincent: Amor Vincit Omnia

"You’ll know they like you back when you ask them directly. Maikli lang ang buhay, so magsasayang ka lang ng oras [if you’re just going to] look for signs. Para magkalinawan na, diretsahin mo na lang. Kapag gusto mo at gusto ka e 'di go. Kapag may chance or open siya sa possibility na magustuhan ka rin, e 'di go. Kapag hindi ka gusto, e 'di maghanap ng iba or make them an inspiration pa rin pero huwag na umasa."

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Read chelsea_13's Vincent: Amor Vincit Omnia here


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