How to Make a Hottie Hit on You

If public displays of seduction are just not your thing, try these subtle tricks.

A hundred bucks says this situation sounds pretty damn familiar: You get all done up to go out and meet guys, then you end up at a party just chatting with your girls. Or worse, staring at your cell playing Angry Birds. At the end of the night, you wonder why the  men weren’t rushing over to talk to you— didn’t they realize they were in the presence of greatness? Oh, they knew all right. But the poor guys were waiting for the signal to approach—which you didn’t give them.

“The key is to first get guys to notice you. Then, once you do that, remember that men fear rejection, so they look for a sign that you’re open and interested in at least talking to them,” explains Ann Demarais, PhD, coauthor of First Impressions. Behold, three moves so easy to pull off, you’ll have to start a receiving line to meet all your prospects.

1. Rock bold earrings or a shirt with an eye-catching graphic
Even though basic black is undeniably sexy, wearing it doesn’t exactly set up a dude with a sweet pickup line. But if you have on, say, a funky necklace, he’s more likely to approach, because he has something he can talk to you about without having to pull some random topic out of left field, says body-language expert Janine Driver, author of You Say More Than You Think.

A GUY EXPLAINS: “It’s a low-risk way to hit on a girl,” says Diego, 25. “Worst case, I tell her I like what she’s wearing, and she says ‘Thanks’ and brushes me off. But best case, we start a convo and it’s much easier to gradually lead up to asking for her number.”

2. Do the Cosmo heel dangle
Think about those sparkly hooks fishermen use to lure their catch. The fish are drawn to them because they shimmer and twirl, right? Well, it sounds a bit National-Geographic-meets-Housewives, but your stiletto can do the same thing for men, says love expert Ish Major, MD. Your task: Wear shiny heels on a night out. When you’re sitting, cross your legs so your top leg is facing toward your guy of choice. Dangle your stiletto off that foot so your heel is in the air, and twist your ankle around.

A GUY EXPLAINS:“At the risk of sounding like a weirdo, I gotta admit that when a girl pulls this move, it’s kind of like she’s undressing in front of me,” says Tommy 29. “Plus, by twirling her heel around, she’s giving off a playful and sexy vibe. That tells me she’s fun and open to new things…like talking to me.”

3. Give him sexy eyes... twice
A classic study found that you need to make eye contact with a dude and subtly smile at him twice in a row for him to get that you’re interested. So here’s what Demarais suggests: Look at him, smile, and hold your gaze for a couple of seconds. Then look away for a few seconds, look back, and do the same thing again.

A GUY EXPLAINS: “She’s sending me a very clear invitation to approach her. When a chick looks at me once, it’s hard to tell if she just happened to glance my way or did it intentionally. But when she does it twice in a row, I know it’s not an accident—she’s doing it to get my attention,” says Chris, 27. “So I don’t worry that I’m going to get shot down when I make my way over to her.”

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