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How To Make Him Eager To Come Home

These three moves will put the spark back into your relationship and have him racing home to you at the end of a long day.

1. Make your goodbye count.

When you part ways in the morning, skip the distracted peck on the cheek and kiss him...hard. "You'll be on his mind all day, and he'll be extra excited about seeing you that night," says Patricia A. Farrell, PhD, author of How to Be Your Own Therapist.

2. Switch up your routine.

"To challenge his expectations that arriving home means the end of anything fun happening that day, make some surprising plans that keep him guessing," says Farrell. For instance, head out for a bite and game of pool at a local bar, or go to a movie and eat a large bucket of popcorn for dinner.

3. Gush a little.

"Give him an ego boost when he least expects it," says Sheenah Hankin, PhD, author of Complete Confidence. Send him a midafternoon text message saying "Missing you" or "I adore you!" Who doesn't want to spend time with someone who's made them feel that good?

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