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How To Move On From A Breakup After Finding Out That You've Been Cheated On

'Acceptance is always the first step.'
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"He cheated on me!"

We can't even count the number of times we've heard of a third party as the reason for a couple's breakup. Parting from the person you love is painful but knowing that you were betrayed by the same person is even more heart-wrenching. 

You sometimes question yourself about what you could have done more or how you could have prevented it. Or maybe, you would have self-esteem issues that might slow down your moving on process. It could also be as simple as, you really thought he was The One, and it's just difficult to get over him.

To help you move forward with your life, we asked Cosmopolitan readers for advice on how to get over a cheating ex. Here are their responses:

How To Move On From A Breakup After Being Cheated On

Experience new things

"Travel!!! I experienced this last year. I went to explore beaches and climbed mountains. It really helps when you have your friends to support you!" - Alexandre

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"Literally do things for yourself. Learn a new skill or a hobby! For instance: I went on a soul-searching trip to the Visayas and learned to free dive. I just wanted to create distance from what I had with that person, and to create newer and better memories." - Timmy

Trust the process

"Go through the four stages of grief. Take your time. It’s your heart, not anyone else’s. Then, discover all the wonderful things you can do as a single, fabulous woman. You’d be surprised to discover so many things about yourself." - Kate

"I think, acceptance is always the first step sa kahit anong heartbreak. Then, magpunta ka sa happy place mo. In my case, dagat." - Denneb

Focus on yourself

"Exercise, get a tan and lash extensions—just look your hottest." - Meg

"Date yourself! Visit that cafe or restaurant you've always wanted to try. Enjoy the solo life. It's fun, I promise." - Ira 

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"Learn to heal your own broken heart, never go to anyone and expect them to heal you. Be strong, have faith, pray and start creating something new, it will give you brand new feelings and hope. Take care." - Joana

Meet new people

"Date again!" - Carol

"I tried different activities after my breakup. I met people and gained new friends along the way, too. Then, it just made me realize that I'm surrounded by people who love me. A romantic relationship isn't the only source of I love." - Anonymous

Don't blame yourself

"Know that your intentions were pure all throughout your relationship and remember your worth. Your healing starts with how you talk to yourself and all great things will follow! Like the courage to continue fun things that you might’ve stopped having the chance to do, or to do greater and newer things to explore and learn. YOU ARE AMAZING, so surround yourself with people who remind you of just that. Give yourself the love, power, and healthiness you deserve." - Xai

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The bottom line

Being betrayed by the person you love hurts. Even if you're the most maalaga and understanding girlfriend, if the other person chooses to cheat, he would still cheat. You can't control their actions but you could control your reaction. It's okay to cry and grieve. But remember that it's better to be single than to be in a relationship where trust and respect do not exist anymore.

*Answers were edited for clarity.


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