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How To Shop For A Boyfriend Who Isn't Into Fashion

"But babe, what's wrong with my t-shirt and jeans?"

1. Ease him into things.
Don’t throw the latest trends at your BF and expect him to naturally rock the shit out of them. Subtly hint at things you want him to upgrade in his wardrobe, but allow him to feel like it was his initiative that drove him into undergoing a style evolution. Soon he’ll be telling his bros: “Yeah man, those joggers and funky printed socks were totally my idea!” Good job, stylish girlfriend of the year!

2. Go back to basics.
When in doubt, there’s always black. Or white. Or gray. Basically, anything unprinted and basic can help add some variety to his closet staples, without him having to leave his comfort zone. 
For example, if it’s a rainy day, he’ll be grateful for that dark hoodie you bought him for his birthday. If it’s kind of a chilly morning, that gray oversized cardigan he initially thought was unhandy now has a purpose.

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3. Classic always cuts it.
Rather than purchasing him hip, trendy, very “now” articles of clothing, opt for garments that will stand the test of time–both fashion-wise and in durability. Buy him a polo shirt in a solid color that fits him well, or maybe a sturdy pair of blue jeans that looks better with wear and tear, or a timeless motorcycle jacket that will make him feel like the bad boy he never was. Classic isn’t boring or safe. It’s tried, tested, and avoids the arresting eyes of the fashion police.

4. Kicks matter
Don’t let his false nonchalance for footwear fool you–dudes love their shoes just as much as their sisters and girlfriends. He’ll most likely drop major cash on a killer set of kicks more than anything else in his arsenal of clothing. Gifting him a pair of sneakers in a brand and design that suits his tastes is one way to make him look and feel good. 

5. Give him a debriefing.
If you’re sick of his baconized tighty-whities crushing the romance during steamy encounters, take him out to bag some new drawers. Boxers or briefs? Why not the hybrid of the two? Buy him a pair that actually looks like it belongs to an adult, but still allows his balls to have some airy hang time. Your future spawn will thank you later.

6. Have fun!
Pressuring your beau into becoming a sartorialist when he clearly isn’t will only work against you. Fashion should be fun, while still reflecting the personality of the individual in question. Remember: he’s your boyfriend, not your personal Ken doll.

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