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How To Snag A Guy Without A Word

You’ve spotted your soon-to-be new boyfriend. Now if only he’d say hi. Here’s how to emit an “I’m interested” signal he’ll pick up.
howtosnagaguywithoutaword_main.jpgBe strategic with your location. It’s no good sending him an “Over here, gorgeous” vibe if he can barely make you out across the bar. Be sure to create a clear line of vision between you and your beau, and ideally, get close enough so that you’re within earshot. This will make it easier (read: less intimidating) for him to act on your seductive signals.

Engage the peeps. Not only are your eyes the key to communicating your attraction, but they’re also a good way of gauging if he returns that interest. When a guy looks at you for more than a few seconds, he’s sending a whole lot of lust your way. Hold his gaze and it just may be all the encouragement he needs to make a move.

Master the “Get over here” grin. Where the eyes communicate your desire, the mouth presents an invitation. The trick: Use the right smile. Forget a Cheshire-cat grin—it’s too open and cheesy. Instead, part those glossed lips, and then once you have his attention, slowly curl them up at the sides into a seductive semi-smile. He has to feel as if that sexy beam is just for him. Now look away (and make sure you’ve left room for a guest at your table).
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