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How To Spot A Jerk From Various Distances

At one point, we've all dated a cocky player. Here's how to detect a dick from as far as 50 feet away, or when he's staring you in the face.

Even if you've never fallen for one of them firsthand, you know they're out there: super charming dudes who sweep women off their feet, take them for the most flirtatious, flattering, and maybe sexual ride of their life, and then—hello? Anyone there?—they disappear. Or worse, they stick around for a little bit, but since the pursuit is over, they let their true colors show.

Well, what if there was a way to spot a callous player before you even speak to him? It seems, according to experts, that you can pick him out of a crowd—you just need to know the tell-tale signs. And there are plenty of them: things you can zoom in on from a distance and smaller giveaway details you can read when closer.

So, Cosmo consulted experts in anthropology, body language, and even military interrogation who revealed the female-snaring secrets of shady dudes. Sure, men who show one or two of these markers are likely harmless, but if you find the perfect storm of signals? Chick, he's a dick.

From 50 Feet Away

Here's how he zeroes in on his target at a crowded bar.

Dicks like to seem imposing—either to ward off other men or impress girls—but don't do it in the typical way, which is by standing up straight, puffing out their chest, and peacocking for the place. Instead, a common dick move is to roll his shoulders slightly forward and flare out his back. Keep your eye out for a guy who makes his frame block-like—it's a sign that he's trying to come off as hyper-masculine.

When a man cocks his head to the side, it shows he's scanning the scene from a position of perceived superiority. Watch for his looking at women this way or at himself in a mirrored beer sign on the wall—clues he is out only for booty or is making sure he still looks hot.

Even from this distance, a man's walk can tell you a lot. A dick will probably have a swagger, and he might keep his head cocked back and his legs opened wide, lacking a relaxed ease of movement. If he were really hoping to make an honest connection, he'd have a more low-key approach so as not to intimidate you.

Dicks may keep their legs spread apart wider than normal, as if they're putting the goods on display. Notice how his hands are hooked on to his pockets, with his fingers pointing toward his package. It's a good indicator that he is arrogant and trying to call attention to his you-know-what.

From 10 Feet Away

After spotting his prey, check out the way he makes his move.

Fashion counts with a guy: a muscle-revealing tee and perfectly worn belt are calculated statements that he's easygoing (i.e., trustworthy). But the ostentatious watch and eco-vibe necklace combo tips you off to secret bling lust, which can signify too much self-love.

See narrowed eyes, as if his stare is unwavering? It's an aggressive look that even primates use that's universally recognized as a threatening tactic. The normal human gaze lasts only about three beats, so if he's comfortable making longer eye contact with you—even for just five seconds—he's on a mission to

Smiling equals friendly...usually. But, examine it again. Pursed lips are a sign of smugness, and the lack of crinkled skin around the eyes shows that his grin is likely a fake.

Watch the guy who keeps a phone glued to his hand, checking it every few moments for a text or call. His buddies are probably already with him, so who's he really expecting to hear from tonight?

From Two Feet Away

Here, he interacts with his target and goes in for the kill.

At the face-to-face level, zone in on the "man-scaping." A little product in his hair is fine, but more than you use? And shiny, perfectly clean nails? An ultra-groomed guy has a large capacity for love…for himself.

Note how the dick enters the girl's personal space more intimately than the conversation merits. He leans in from his torso to talk closely or whisper in her ear, and he places his hand very close to his target's. He may even plant a leg on the bar-stool rung to mark the territory. It's not flattering—it's overconfident, and it's invasive. He has a mission to fill, and he's wasting no time.

At this phase, check for a stiff pose. Usually, a guy will try to get in the groove of a woman's movements to forge symbiosis. But, one who stays static and doesn't mirror her is signaling that he's not interested in the convo or her as a person.

Chances are, he's kept his gaze focused on his prey up until they exchange names. But, watch when he asks a question. A dick will use his peepers to bore a hole into you as he speaks, but when you answer, his eyes will drift to your (or another girl's) chest after a few seconds and stay fixed there.

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