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Guys Reveal The Best Ways They Were Surprised With Sex

'I felt like the absolute king of the world.'
PHOTO: Ben Ritter

If there's one thing I know from spending basically my entire life on the Internet/Reddit, it's that straight guys like nothing more than when their girlfriends initiate sex. They're ALWAYS going on and on about it.

Here, 12 men share memories of the hottest time their partners surprised them with sex.

  1. "Just got home from a night on the town. I was fucking around making sure the car was locked. Heading to the front door, I looked up to see her leaning against the wall with her hand down her pants, groaning as she went to town on herself. Needless to say, I've never opened a door in as much of a rush before or since..." [via]
  2. "Came home from work, opened the door, and there she is on the couch naked. She immediately looked at me, and I knew that look well enough to know what she wanted." [via]
  3. "It was our first holiday away together, I went to shower, and she didn't want to join so I thought she was annoyed at me for some reason. When I pulled the covers back after to get into bed, she had actually changed into a see-through lace bodysuit... that was a fun night." [via]
  4. "We had a date night and had yet to do the deed after about a month of dating. We'd agreed to take things slow and just see what happens. I guess she had different plans that night. We had a nice steak together and a few glasses of wine. There was nothing too sexual at the table, but we just had a nice time together. We walked back to the car park, and in the elevator to the top floor of the parking lot, she pushed me against the wall the instant the doors closed and it was just us alone. She pressed into me and made out with me. We heard the ding for our floor, and just as the doors opened she whispered to me that she wasn't wearing any underwear. We got home, I closed the front door and she grabbed the collar of my shirt and practically dragged me upstairs. Couldn't get that dress off her fast enough. It was truly one of those moments where you could follow the clothes to my bedroom." [via]

  5. "I woke up to her on top. She woke up first and apparently my guy was ready to go, so she just threw herself on it. 10/10 fantasy fulfilled. It was a fantasy of mine which we had talked about beforehand. Completely consensual." [via]
  6. "She drove about 40 minutes to see me, came into my room, and started undressing. She was wearing incredibly sexy lingerie. She was just talking about her day like it was totally normal while I stared, then she climbed on top of me." [via]
  7. "I got home from work one day, assuming I'd have our place to myself given that she had class at that time. It turns out, her class was cancelled and she was wearing her sexiest underwear in bed waiting for me." [via]
  8. "I came home from a long shift and my wife said she needed to talk to me about something. She had this concerning look on her face. All I could think was, what the fuck did I do this time? We went into the bedroom because her sister and brother-in-law were visiting us. While in the bedroom, she told me she'd been horny all day and needed me to take care of her." [via]
  9. "I was sitting in my recliner watching TV. My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, walked up to me without any prompting, knelt down, undid my belt and gave me a blow job. It was absolutely fucking amazing. I felt like the absolute king of the world." [via]
  10. "My wife had her female friend over for drinks and a hang out with us out by the fire pit. We all flirted and I thought nothing of it really when my wife and her went inside for a few minutes. She then texted my phone and told me to come inside because she wanted to show me something. I went inside and didn't see them, so headed towards the bedroom. I opened the door and they were both naked and kissing. They pulled me over and both started talking my clothes off. We had an amazing threesome. That was by far the hottest thing that ever happened." [via]
  11. "My wife was out for dinner with her friends from college. She came home, took my hand and just lead me to the bedroom and said, 'I have a new position I want to try.' It was awesome! It turns out they'd been talking sex and sharing advice and positions... this one she really liked!" [via]
  12. "An ex knew I have a thing about watching her play with her sex toys. I came home and she was on the couch with all her toys, and she put on a show for me. It was one of the hottest things she ever did and it led to an all nighter." [via]


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