How to Tell If A Guy Deserves A Second Date

Is he worth round #2?

We know looking for Mr. Right can be tough, so we came up with a first date guide to help you gauge if he's worth Date #2. 

1. You feel like the night went by so fast!

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If you find yourself wishing you brought cue cards for the evening's conversation, then it's not usually a good sign. But don't worry—it's just a date; it's not like you're getting married! Don't feel bad if you don't have chemistry, because this cannot be forced. And if sparks flew (Wow, it's midnight already?!), well, make sure you drop hints that you're game for Date #2!

2. You can be YOU around him.

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Sure, we all put our best foot forward during first dates, but if he actually laughed at that corny joke that just slipped because you were having such a good time, or you ordered seconds for dessert (You only do this with your closest friends!), then you're definitely on to something special. 

3. He showed signs of interest.

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Guys are actually pretty easy to read. The mere fact that you're on a date already implies he's interested, so you just need to observe how he interacts with you and take cues from there. If he was checking his phone the whole night and glancing at his watch way too often, then politely converse but forget about a second date. Girl, he's just not that into you. Trust us, if  the guy likes you, it will be obvious.

4. He makes you kilig.

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If you smile at the mere thought of him, and he's obviously into you (see #3), then there's nothing wrong with texting him that you're looking forward to your second date!

5. He's not a total slob. 

Sure, a pretty face can lure you in, but once you step into his car, you can get a sense of a guy's personality and habits. When a guy picks you up in a nasty-smelling vehicle, what's a girl to do? Suggest getting a cab? Of course not. To avoid being rude, ride it out and see if the not so-pleasant car experience will make or break your date. 

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If you really had a great time on Date #1 and you're willing to give the guy a second chance, suggest taking your own car (or go on a group date and offer to drive!). P.S. Make sure you use the new vent clip from Ambi Pur to freshen up your ride for good vibes on Date #2; hopefully, he'll take a hint!

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