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Iffy About Online Dating? This Dating Site May Change Your Mind is the country's first exclusive online dating site and app that encourages people to show their personality and interests on their profiles.

Some people still insist on the "traditional" way of meeting or getting to know people, which could be: a) by chance b) through a friend c) striking up a convo with an officemate. It just seems more natural that way, especially the idea that romance would just blossom rather than somehow forcing it to. So online dating for them? It's unthinkable. What more there's the issue of safety. Would you really meet decent guys? Are they just there for fun and games? Are the accounts even real?

So here's, the Philippines' first exclusive online dating community for professionals. Since they have to detail their preferences, lifestyles, and careers on their profiles (they need to exceed 200 words for each), Diptyc users can jump into conversations at once with a number of things to talk about and skip the usually awkward hellos that might go nowhere. You wouldn't feel like you're talking to an absolute stranger!

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Diptyc tries to keep the community familiar and safe by having a strict signup process. Profiles of aspiring users are shown to members for them to review and vote on. Everyone can have his or her account verified by sending proofs of their identity to Diptyc's management, and there'll be a seal on the profile. This means you can opt to chat only with people with verified accounts so you won't have to worry about frauds. 

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When it comes to interacting with other Diptyc users, apart from sending private messages, you can send icebreakers, get ideas on Diptyc's list of conversation starters, and propose date ideas. This is perfect for people who're looking for lots of personality or those who need a little help engaging others.

Diptyc is for you to meet people who interest you with their perspectives, lifestyles, and personalities. It knows that there are people out there who don't make date decisions based on looks alone; people who are looking for substance in their match. That's why the name Diptyc is so perfect—it's based on the word "diptych," an artwork composed of two plates or images beside each other, and these two images go together and tell a story.

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Meeting people on Diptyc might not feel "natural" to those who prefer to date "traditionally," but the site/app's features try to get personal and safe that it's worth a shot for anybody who's looking for somebody to connect with.

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