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5 Sex Positions Guaranteed To Satisfy You

Have you tried any of these yet?
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

Sex can sometimes get monotonous when you don’t switch things up in the sack. Having a healthy sex life entails being open to new and exciting techniques, positions, and experiences. When you let things get boring behind closed doors, that’s when you and your beau will become, well, bored. So here’s a list of some insanely satisfying sex positions that you might want to give a test run under the sheets. Trust us, after trying these moves, you and your man will be reeling in pleasure. 

The Butter Churner

For when you want things to get sticky.

This tricky move might test your back and neck, but the challenge will heighten the pleasure. Let your man grind down on you like he’s swirling his straw in a thick milkshake, and you’re sure to hit that oh-so-delicious sweet spot!

The Snow Angel

For when you’re feeling devilishly innocent.

This is technically just the missionary position, only kind of inverted. Not only will it give you a great view of your partner’s bum, it will also allow you to latch on to his buns for added support. You’ll both be singing hymns of ecstasy post-coital.

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The Carpet Burn

For when you both want to get down on your knees.

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Don’t let the name fool you. There’s very little pain involved when doing this simple yet effective technique. Both of you should get down on your knees, then have your guy penetrate you from the front. He can use his other leg for an extra push, while you grab onto it to navigate the rhythm and pace of your movements. The only thing that will be burning right after is your desire to go at it again.

The Hot-Spot Superhero

For when you want to experience his superpowers.

Let your guy do all the work for you as he pounds away like Superman on a mission. This position will allow your man to control the deepness in which he enters you, leaving you to savor all the orgasmic spots he’ll be able to hit. Your only job: lift one leg as high as you can. 

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The Hot Seat

For when you’re feeling in control.

This time around, you sit on top of him while facing away, giving you enough comfort to rock away as you please. With you in the pilot’s chair, you can adjust the speed needed in order to achieve orgasm.