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Is He Obnoxious Or Deadma? He Might Be Into You

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a guy really digs you. Here are a few peculiar behaviors that give him away.

surprisingsignsheshotforyou_main.jpgNo matter how cocky a guy seems, he’d rather have his chest waxed than risk being rejected by you. So instead of sticking his neck out with a straightforward come-on, he might work his mojo magic in these mysterious ways.…

He teases you

Rewind to grade school. Did a dude ever kick you in the shins or tug your ponytail on the playground? Well, when a boy likes a girl, he often acts like an ass to show her just how much. And unfortunately, some guys never outgrow those elementary alaskador antics. Meet Joel, 22: “The first time I went out with Sarah, I kept making fun of her glasses,” he says. “I wasn’t trying to be mean. I just wanted a reaction from her.” The takeaway? If a guy dishes it, he can take it. So give it to him. Give it to him good.

He brags about himself

If a man laundry-lists his finer points, it’s usually a desperate ploy to win your favor—not a sign his ego requires its own zip code. Men are insecure and often go overboard in an attempt to seem desirable. Prime example? Jami, 28: “I met a cute girl at a party and immediately blurted out that I spent P50,000 on a new phone,” he says. “I was nervous. I wanted her to think I was successful, but I ended up sounding yabang.” Hot tip: Button up a braggart with a quick compliment such as “Wow, you must be doing really well.” With any luck, the strategic stroke will help ease him on to a more interesting topic…like you, of course.

He asks about an ex

When a guy probes into your past, he’s actually saying “I hope I have a future with you.” Allow Syd, 30, to explain: “If I can see myself getting serious with a chick, I’ll question her about the last guy she dated,” he says. “I want to be certain I’m not some sucker she’s rebounding with.” So what to say when pressed about a former flame? Just give enough info to let him know your heart is in the clear—no boyfriend baggage here.

He turns down a date

Ladies, you’re not the only ones who play hard to get. A scheming stud may pass up a tempting proposition to seem slightly unavailable and hopefully, a lot more attractive. Take it from Jake, 25: “This new girl I was seeing emailed me at work and asked if I was free for dinner,” he says. “Even though I was dying to see her, I lied and said I had plans. I didn’t want to come across as pathetic.” Now that you know a reluctant Romeo’s secret MO, indulge his game of cat and mouse. Coolly say something like “No prob, maybe another time” and give him clearance to pursue you.

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