Is Your Man Husband Material?

Here are a few signs your man is a keeper.

He fights fair. 
Meaning, he listens to you and doesn’t raise his voice. He doesn't try to overpower you or intimidate you even when you two are in the middle of a heated argument. He also prefers to settle the issue in the calmest way possible and may even suggest an easier way to handle the situation, so that you two don’t end up in a bitter lover’s quarrel. 

He supports you.

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If you have bigger goals—be it taking up further studies or pursuing a more challenging career—your man won't put you down, but rather, encourage you to be the best that you can be. 

He understands your personal space.
He knows that couples who are not too attached to each other enjoy a healthier relationship. He lets you enjoy things on your own so you have something to share with him the next time you two are together. It also shows you how much he trusts you during the times you are apart. 

He is willing to try anything with you. 
Whether that’s bungee jumping on your 30th birthday or taking up a pottery class every weekend, he’s game for anything. Even though he’s terrified of heights and isn’t the most creative person in the world, he’s eager to try new things as long as he’s with you. 

He remembers the little things.

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It could be the house chores you assigned to him or that dress you loved in the mall–if he recalls simple things like that, it means he values you.

He communicates with you. 
This is one of the most important things in making a relationship work. Some fights stem from misunderstandings and wrong interpretations. If he tells you about certain issues that bother him so that you two can work on them before they could turn into a bigger problem, then you're both on the right track. 

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