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Is Your Relationship Just Okay Or On The Rocks?

All couples go through relationship roadblocks. With these indicators, find out if it’s just a rough patch you can fix...or if your love is waning for real.
Just Okay
  • You dislike each other’s pals, so you rarely socialize together.
    How to fix: Compromise so that for every night you’re out with friends, you also schedule a quiet evening by yourselves.

  • You give each other the silent treatment whenever something bugs you.
    How to fix: Be forthright about what’s on your mind. It will help reestablish your bond.

  • You nag each other with niggling relationship issues.
    How to fix: As long as neither of you is shouldering all the blame, you’ll be able to come up with solutions together.

On The Rocks
  • You admit that you loathe each other’s buddies and mock them in front of each other. This shows a level of open hostility between the two of you that’s tough to surmount.

  • You go into attack mode when you’re mad, making nasty comments to each other. When you can’t keep a lid on hurtful remarks, it shows you no longer care about the consequences.

  • You constantly bitch to your friends about his flaws. When the picture you paint is the antithesis of Mr. Right, it’s a sign that your love is waning, and it’s time to move on.
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