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Janella Salvador On Dating After A Breakup: 'Based on experience, it's better if you don't look'

'It's gonna come to you when the time is right.'
Janella Salvador shares life advice in this Cosmo Challenge episode

Since we revealed her May 2023 digital cover on Mother's Day, we decided to ask Janella Salvador to share life advice on all things relationships for her Cosmo Challenge: From familial (her as a mother versus her as the child) to romantic, to even the bond between friends, the actress gave insightful suggestions on how people could deal with their problems.

For example, when a reader asked how to know if she was ready to date again, our May cover girl replied, "You'll know. If you're unsure if you're ready or not, then obviously you aren't. Because when you're ready, I think you'll feel it. I can't speak for everyone but based on experience, it's better if you don't look. Sometimes, you just have to wait — and it's gonna come to you when the time is right."

Learn how Janella would tackle friends growing apart, (not!) keeping secrets from your Mom, and more in the full episode:

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