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JC De Vera Prefers To Obey The Women In His Family: 'Not all dads are pa-macho'

JC understood the assignment!
JC De Vera on being a father
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JC De Vera is trying to prove that dads don't always have to make the rules at home. More so, fathers aren't all about having their masculinity dominate the family dynamic. Some are the soft and gentle kind of dads—just like him.

JC and his wife Rikkah Cruz got married in 2021 and he is a certified girl dad. The couple are parents to two adorable daughters, Lana and Laura.

In a media conference for his current series Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin, the actor shared his insights on being a father at home. 

"I obey the women in my house. I don’t make them follow me." JC pointed out his eagerness to show a different side to being a father.

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Coming from a family of two brothers and only his parents, he knew what it was like to be in a family dominated by males. He explains that being around Rikkah and their daughters every day has helped him learn more about women.


"I grew up in a family dominated by males. In my home now, it’s the opposite. I’m the only male and I’m learning every day, specifically in terms of how to take care of and raise young females. It’s good that my wife guides me all throughout," he said.

For JC, it's essential also to defy stereotypes when it comes to being the pillar in a Filipino family.

"There are a lot of dad stereotypes that need to change. It’s not true that dads only care about their work or prefer to go out on gimmicks than stay home. Not all dads are so pa-macho that they wouldn't be caught babysitting their own kids," he argued.

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In between his busy schedule as an actor, JC would post moments with his family on his social media accounts. He would also share his daughters' milestones online.

In fact, it has become his priority to always be present at all times for every family trip or even just the small moments at home.

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"I will always have time for my family even if I have work. That’s my priority now: To be present at all times," JC declared.

Being a father does not only bring joy and meaning to JC's life, but it also brings depth to his very own acting style.

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He also told during the media conference how he channels his emotions for his family into the homes of every Filipino family watching him.

"I bring all these to television. I am able to empathize with my character easily. As an example, there are scenes in the show that require me to take care of ailing children. Just by imagining that these are my kids, I am able to cry with very little effort. That really makes work easier for me," the actor explained.

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