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Jenna Ortega Opened Up About Dating In General: 'I almost don’t even find myself interested'

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PHOTO: instagram/jennaortega

Jenna Ortega is a pretty big deal right now. From her iconic portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix smash, Wednesday, to her hilarious dead-pan co-presenting SAG Awards stint with Aubrey Plaza, to the announcement of her appearance in the next installment of the Scream franchise, it's hard not to see her name everywhere.

But despite the huge success she's currently experiencing (and will no doubt continue to, especially considering Wednesday has been greenlighted for a series two), the 20-year-old has recently opened up about the pressures she faces when it comes to relationships and dating.

In a recent interview with Dax Shepard for his Armchair Expert podcast, the star chatted about how acting and becoming hugely successful has affected her personal life.

"I almost don’t even find myself interested," she admitted when she was asked about dating in general.

"A part of it is self-esteem," she added. "I’m not ready to be that vulnerable or trusting with someone."


Jenna then went on to talk about her previous long-term relationship, which she revealed she had to end because things got "too hectic."

"It had nothing to do with them, it was just strictly, I couldn’t manage," she explained, adding that she didn't think it would "be fair" to enter a relationship right now due to her mammoth workload.

"If there's one thing I'm going to focus on, which is probably something I need to change, it's going to be my work," she concluded.


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