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The Kim Jones And Jericho Rosales Split Is Proof That Not All Breakups Have To Be Messy

Falling out of love is normal.
Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales breakup is proof that not all endings have to be messy
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Just yesterday, news broke that Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones had ended their marriage. My instinctive reaction was to feel devastated by the breakup, especially since this couple has always been the epitome of healthy, flourishing love—think Echo defending his now ex-wife from all the naysayers questioning her life choices and them talking at length about their slow-burn kinda romance that feels straight out of a rom-com novel. Also, when Echo publicly proposed to Kim in front of everyone at church—in awe of how he managed to bag the "best person" despite everything he’s been through (Still crying, tbh.)

Nowadays, it’s normal for celebrity couples to end on *allegedly* mutual terms, perhaps to keep the peace and appease their fans. But actually having to walk the talk, that’s another story.

"While the friendship between the two remains, they have decided it is time to lead separate lives. They are encouraging each other to grow, albeit in different directions. It was a mutual decision, an amicable separation, dealt with grace and maturity by both parties," their godfather Ricco Ocampo said in his statement shared with ABS-CBN News.


His statement also stated that the ex-couple are filled with gratitude for their shared memories—having journeyed through their separation with the utmost respect and care toward one another because "they are the best of friends and love each other like family."

Of course, there’s only so much about their marriage and split that we can infer from a public statement—we don’t have all the details, nor should we—but it’s comforting to know that in celebrity romances, despite how perfect everything may seem, sometimes things just don’t work out. The fact that they were together for so long feels like a bat signal for everyone who’s had a long-term relationship and had trouble letting go. Relationships don’t have to get messy for it to end; it’s all about knowing when it’s over and choosing to move forward, no matter how painful.

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Every relationship has its good and bad parts—and Echo and Kim have always been pretty good about keeping the not-so-pleasing bits away from the public eye. Let’s hope they stay that way. Their breakup is subtle, yet mature and honest. They tried their best and made a clean break when it didn’t work out.

At the end of the day, breakups suck. There is nothing about them that is fun. We can all browse the internet for master classes in letting go and moving on, but at the end of the day—heartbreak is never easy. It’ll make you feel like your heart is being torn into pieces. I think of this quote said by poet and painter Frieda Hughes in one interview, saying that we only "borrow people." She said, "Sometimes we die, sometimes we fall out of love. I believe in making the most out of it, but I also believe in not ever keeping anything or anyone prisoner of one’s own affectionate imposition."


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Our time here is limited, so love, lose, and seize the moment. Live la dolce vita. As for Echo and Kim, we wish nothing but the best for their healing journey, individually and together. Thank you for showing us the kind of love worth keeping, albeit only temporarily.

How to break up gracefully, as shown by Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales

1. It’s okay not to unfollow.

While the no-contact rule works for some people, it’s also okay to still keep tabs with your ex, as shown by Echo and Kim—who didn’t unfollow each other after their breakup!

2. Be supportive.

You don’t have to publicly flaunt your now ~*platonic*~ love for your ex. But being happy for them and their accomplishments proves you’re a good sport. Echo and Kim were each other’s biggest fans when they were still together, and still are now that they're not—as evidenced by their sweet IG comments on each other’s posts.


3. Don’t throw shade online.

Regardless of the reason for their fallout, Echo and Kim never talked nasty things about each other. If you find yourself ending things with your ex, rethink and tread lightly if you want to air your dirty ~relationship~ laundry. It's never okay to drag someone’s name through the mud out of spite and heartbreak—is the drama really worth it?

4. Maintain your privacy.

Many high-profile individuals like Echo and Kim find it hard to protect their privacy when dealing with a breakup, especially since the public has this invasive kind of curiosity when it comes to celebrity gossip. Proving that their relationship is nobody’s business but their own, they chose to move forward gracefully, preserving their privacy and reputation as they heal.

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