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From The Archives: Kim Jones Had The Most Empowering Answer On Not Having A Baby With Jericho Rosales

Jericho was the most supportive hubby. 
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Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales were on the same page when it comes to decisions regarding their marriage, most specifically in building a family. 

In their previous interviews, the couple talked about why they got married, and obviously it was not because of societal norms. 

What Jericho and Kim Think About Timelines and Having Babies

“We got married not because we wanted to ‘settle down, ’ or because our individual directions weren’t changing in any way. We just realized really that whatever we wanted to do, we wanted to do it together,” Kim Jones told Preview in an interview back in 2018. 

Jericho meanwhile said, “It’s just that we don’t treat marriage as the end of the world, or end of our lives, or careers, you know.”

Kim also casually addressed questions on when she was having a baby, or why she didn’t change her last name when she got married.


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In her response, Jones championed the idea that everyone is entitled to shape their relationships and marriages as they see fit. She said, "I think everybody’s free to carve the relationship that they want, the marriage that they want."

“I’ve become a stronger woman, a better person because of our marriage," she said. 

Jericho echoed this, saying that marriage should not be treated as the end of individuality. 

"It’s just that we don’t treat marriage as end of the world, or end of our lives, or careers, you know," he said. 

Kim Jones Is An Empowered Woman

Jones's response also showed her belief in empowering women to pursue their individual dreams and trajectories, irrespective of marital status. She articulated, "I think that women should be able to focus on their own individual dreams and their own trajectory regardless of who they’re married to."

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In 2017, Jericho also stood by his wife amid repeated questions on when they were having babies. 

“I don’t think getting preggy and having babies is the only measure for being a woman… I love that my wife travels and works on her dreams,” Jericho said. After this, Kim Jones publicly thanked her husband. 

“Thank you, Jericho, for believing that a woman’s worth and the measure of a “real woman” comes from a multitude of qualities. And thank you for believing my dreams are worth chasing, whatever they may be. Thank you for having my back. That’s my man,” she said. 

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