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What Jericho Rosales Told Kim Jones A Day After Their Breakup Announcement

No bad blood between these two!
kim jones, jericho rosales
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/kimcamjones, Instagram/jerichorosalesofficial

Among the local celeb couples, Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales have certainly stolen our hearts with their fairytale-worthy love story, so just imagine our devastation when their breakup was announced recently.

Despite the heartbreaking news, the two have remained the friendliest of exes as they showed their support via social media comments. Just today, they both surprised netizens when they posted two photo shoots, and *hyped* each other up! Check out their cute interactions below.

Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales Show Support To Each Other After Breakup:

On Insta, Kim posted several ~*artsy*~ pics taken by photographer Ritchie Jo Espenilla. To which, Jericho teased, “Love these! Where’s mine, @ ritchiejo?”

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Echo also posted a photoshoot of his own, too. “Hmm ramen,” he wrote. To which, Kim playfully commented, “mmmmn ramen.”

Several supporters were happy about the two’s adorable interaction—praising the ex-couple for their good relationship amidst their fallout.

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Stay cool, you two!

How to break up gracefully, as shown by Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales

1. It’s okay not to unfollow.

While the no-contact rule works for some people, it’s also okay to still keep tabs with your ex, as shown by Echo and Kim—who didn’t unfollow each other after their breakup!

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2. Be supportive.

You don’t have to publicly flaunt your now ~*platonic*~ love for your ex. But being happy for them and their accomplishments proves you’re a good sport. Echo and Kim were each other’s biggest fans when they were still together, and still are now that they're not—as evidenced by their sweet IG comments on each other’s posts.

3. Don’t throw shade online.

Regardless of the reason for their fallout, Echo and Kim never talked nasty things about each other. If you find yourself ending things with your ex, rethink and tread lightly if you want to air your dirty ~relationship~ laundry. It's never okay to drag someone’s name through the mud out of spite and heartbreak—is the drama really worth it?

4. Maintain your privacy.

Many high-profile individuals like Echo and Kim find it hard to protect their privacy when dealing with a breakup, especially since the public has this invasive kind of curiosity when it comes to celebrity gossip. Proving that their relationship is nobody’s business but their own, they chose to move forward gracefully, preserving their privacy and reputation as they heal.


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