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How To Take The 69 Sex Position To The Next Level

First rule: Get comfy.
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When it comes to oral sex positions, the 69 is the ultimate classic. Rather than one partner pleasuring another, this super sexy position is all about mutual, simultaneous pleasure, which is why it's so hot. That said, pulling off a 69 that's equally enjoyable for both partners isn't easy. Here are Kinkly's expert tips on how to give, receive, and ultimately climax with 69 sex.

Get comfy

"The 69 sex position is often shown with one partner on top and one on the bottom. That works, but there are other options, like lying on your sides," Kinkly experts say. "It's more comfortable, it's less work and it leaves both partners with hands free to explore other places (and body parts!)"

Pay attention to your partner

"One of the great things about the 69 sex position is that while you are pleasing your partner, they are delivering some serious pleasure in return. But that's also one of the problems with this position: the hotter it gets, the more we tend to lose control and get carried away," the experts say.


"Remember that your partner is on the receiving end of any bucking, grinding, or other movements you do with your body. Depending on your positioning, this could become uncomfortable or even claustrophobic." The best thing to do is obvs allow yourself to enjoy whatever pleasure you're receiving, but keep your own movements in control.


"There are disadvantages to having a busy mouth and being a body's length away from your partner's face," Kinkly experts explain. "The biggest of these is that it's very hard to communicate in the 69 position. What this means is that you need to make an extra effort to be aware of your partner's noises, cues, and body language, and to check in with them here and there to make sure they are having a good time." You can try gentle tapping on your partner's body to get their attention.

Take breaks

Oral is hellaaa fun but also kinda hard work, tbh. "It's hard on your neck and your jaw and tongue. So if you're hurting, don't be a herotake a break!" experts say. "That doesn't have to mean lying there staring awkwardly at each other, though. Instead, try slowing things down while still kissing and caressing the rest of each other's bodies, giving your partner a massage or playing with their nipples."


Pace yourselves

One really fun thing to try in the 69 position is climaxing at the same time. "Hearing and feeling your partner moving toward orgasm can be enough to push both of you over the edge. But not everyone has the same erotic timing, so if you want to come together it may take some pacing," Kinkly experts explain.

"If you are way ahead of your partner, ask them to hold back a bit so you can catch up. If you both pay attention to each other and try to align yourselves in terms of your level,  arousal, and excitement, you may be able to orgasm simultaneously, which can be a real treat. (That said, trying and missing the mark is almost as much fun!)"

Use your hands

"The best lovers use every tool at their disposal to increase their partner's pleasure. When it comes to oral sex, that typically means getting our hands in on the action. Use them to caress the sides of your partner's body, massage and squeeze their breasts, or do whatever other thing you can come up with that makes them moan. Use your imaginationand use your hands!" they advised.


Try edging

"If you really want to amp things up, try edging together. Use your partner's cues to bring them right to the edge of orgasm, then back off, and switch. Edging builds pressure and anticipation and can lead to a much bigger, more pleasurable orgasm. You can push that edge for as long as you want, but chances are it won't be long until neither of you can hold off another second. (Want to take it further? You could even try orgasm denial.)"

Don't forget to cuddle

"One of the best things about the 69 position is all that luscious, skin-on-skin contact," the experts say. "It's so sensual! Even when it's over, you can keep the high going by pressing your naked self up against the length of your partner's body for a sexy post-orgasmic cuddle."

Most importantly: Be safe

"Just one more note about [this kind of] loveit still carries the risk of STI transmission. Talk to your partners about safer sex, get tested, and consider using dental dams during oral sex to reduce the risk. It's a little extra trouble, but safe is always sexiest."



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