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11 Things You’ll Learn From Traveling After A Breakup

You will come back a different person.
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1. When you travel, you move forward, both literally and figuratively.

Just putting miles between you and your ex is already a step in the right direction. The greater the distance between you, the lesser the chance that triggers like a favorite hangout or a common friend will be right around the corner, causing you to relapse. Over the course of your trip, you’ll start to feel that the grip he has on you that you thought you could never break free from has loosened.

2. Away from him, and in a new place, you can just be yourself.

It can be very liberating to go to a place where no one knows you and be around people who haven’t formed opinions of you based on your romantic history. You’ll feel like a blank slate, someone who has yet to hurt or disappoint another person or be hurt and disappointed in return—and enjoy a fresh start of sorts.


3. You will learn to put yourself first.

Maybe you’ve spent the last few months trying to perform CPR on a relationship on its dying breath; maybe you sacrificed so much for love, you don’t recognize yourself anymore. Traveling will allow you to focus on yourself, treat yourself, and go on as many new adventures and misadventures as you want without caring how your boyfriend—sorry, ex-boyfriend—will feel.

4. People are wonderful.

A bad breakup may have left you feeling like you can’t fully participate in the human race again, but traveling, whether solo or with friends, will make you believe in others’ potential to be good for you again. You will realize that old friends are doggedly loyal, new acquaintances are a nice surprise, and strangers can end up making a huge impact on you without them even knowing it.

5. You can do things on your own just fine.

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Your ex was always the navigator because you’re hopeless with directions, yet on this trip you discovered that you could find your way around a big city without getting run over by a bus! Okay, so you had to accost strangers for directions and nearly had a panic attack that time you had no idea where the fuck you were, but still, you did it on your own. IKAW NA, GIRL!

6. You can always find something new to fall in love with.

It doesn’t have to be a person; it could be a colorful city or a quirky coffee shop or—OMG—the most heavenly ice cream you’ve ever had in your life. You’ll see that you can throw your romantic energy into something new and just…desire things again.

7. You are still beautiful.

When strangers check you out on the street or try to hit on you in da club, enjoy your #HabaNgHair moment. Even if it leads nowhere, the possibility alone that you can wrap a total stranger around your little finger if you wanted to will remind you that you, kween, are not the unattractive, unlovable sasquatch your last relationship left you feeling like.


8. You’ll be so busy making new experiences, you’ll think about your ex less and less.

Each new experience that’s in no way connected to your ex will nudge you further and further out of that cave filled with both happy and heartbreaking memories you’ve exiled yourself to. And even when you get back from your trip, thoughts of your unforgettable adventures will fill your head, elbowing those of your ex out of the prime spot they once occupied.

9. You’ll gain more perspective.

Being away from the place that’s been fogging up your vision with relationship remorse will allow you to view the breakup through a clearer lens. Soon, you’ll see that there’s no need to blame him or yourself for the split; it’s just a thing that happens—and has to happen—when two people stop trying to make things work.

10. You will come back a different person.

Maybe it’s just in a small, hardly detectable way, but you will. Maybe you’ll be bouncier and more optimistic about new love; maybe you’ll be calmer and more able to embrace being alone. Whatever it is, the days ahead look a little brighter—even if he’s no longer in it.


11. Your present heartbreak is only a tiny fraction of the rest of your life.

As you make new experiences sans ex, you’ll realize that your present doesn’t involve him any longer and your future doesn’t have to, either. In fact, your future stretches out years and years and years ahead of you, and who knows what it could bring? Anything—a new love, hell, five new loves—could happen. UNIVERSE, BRING IT ON.

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