Lessons We Learned From Relationships That Didn't Work Out

Breakups do make us a little bit wiser.

1. Embrace your individuality.
Remember to preserve your own identity even when you’re in a relationship. You shouldn’t be too dependent on your manlearn to pursue your own passions.

2. Learn to tell the difference between hearing and listening.

These are two very different thingsone hears to respond and listens to understand. Always keep your ears and your mind open when discussing certain issues with your man. 

3. Don't sacrifice your personal integrity. 
You don’t have to compromise your non-negotiable issues or lower your standards just to save a relationship.

4. Be vocal in expressing your feelings. 

It’s important to recognize what your partner does for you. Don’t be afraid to be open about your feelings for each otherif you don’t voice them out, he might think that you don’t appreciate him.

5. Focus on common values. 
While it’s good to have common interests, it’s also essential to find common ground when it comes to what's right and wrong.

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