Lick Your Phone To Improve Your Oral Sex Skills!

Yes, there is an actual app for this.

So, how would you like to get first-hand oral sex tips from your phone? No, we’re not talking about reading articles from your phone—you would have to actually LICK YOUR PHONE.

As unhygienic as it sounds, it’s actually pretty interesting. A new web app called Lick This has been developed to teach your tongue new tricks and to improve your oral sex skills. You can choose between three different interactive tongue exercises that are designed to improve technique and skill, such as flicking a light switch and moving a beach ball with your tongue. The app creators are also working on more tricks like moving a zipper up and down, and solving a maze.

For hygienic purposes, the app’s creators, Club Sexy Time, advises users to cover the phone in plastic wrap before licking.



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