There's Now Lipstick For Your Vagina

You can't make this up.
PHOTO: Jon Paterson/Studio D

Here's something we never knew would ever exist: lipstick for your vagina!

Teen Vogue brings word of feminine care brand VMagic and their vagina lipstick. It's actually for the lips of your labia (outside) and not your vagina (inside), and says it keeps your skin balanced, moisturized, and purified. I am not sure what purified means, but things are probably pretty OK down there because that's how bodies work.

However, if you feel like slathering their signature mixture of organic olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, and honey all over your other lips, you do you. Just don't put it inside your body, because that could lead to some bad things happening internally. Vagina lipstick is all fun and games until you get a yeast infection!

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