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Liza Soberano Reveals That Repeated Fights With Enrique Gil Made Her Think Of *Breaking Up*

Liza Soberano opens up about relationship struggles
PHOTO: Instagram/lizasoberano

Amidst their successful careers, celebrities navigate romantic relationships just like the rest of us, and they’re no exception to the difficult parts. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, who have been together for seven years now, are closer than ever, but they reveal that they also went through a rough patch three years ago.

In a recent guesting of Enrique to Liza’s podcast, he asked his 24-year-old girlfriend if there was such a time that she thought she was too far in their relationship that she couldn’t muster getting out of it. 

“Honestly, yeah,” Liza confessed. “I don’t know if it’s true but they always say that at the 4th year of the relationship, that’s when it kinda gets rocky. And that’s when I felt like we were also kind of unstable. It’s not that I didn’t love you anymore or anything. It’s like, we were fighting all the time about a lot of things. And I was like, ‘Do I want this stress? Do I want to go through this all the time? Maybe this isn’t what I’m looking for.’”


She then countered herself. “But I’m so close to his family now!” she thought, explaining that they’ve already built a solid bond with each other’s loved ones, making it hard to cut ties.

Liza shares rough patch with Enrique Gil

Liza also shared a particular instance in Los Angeles when Enrique accompanied her to surgery to treat her injured finger. She caught him texting sweet messages to an unknown number and immediately got the impression that he was ~*cheating*~ on her. Liza didn’t confront Enrique right away but first turned to his sister Andie. “I said ‘Andie, I think Quen’s cheating on me. I don’t know what to do. How am I gonna break up with him? I don’t wanna break up with him.’ I don’t wanna lose you, I was even telling her that,” she reveals.

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It turns out that Enrique’s mystery text mate is Liza’s seven-year-old sister, who was missing him while they were abroad. LOL!

For Liza, things got difficult because they were both young and lacked maturity. “We were both immature. I didn’t want someone who was immature. Ever since I was young, I always knew that I wanted someone more mature than I am. I’m pretty mature for my age, but in relationships, I’m immature,” she explains.

But if there's one thing Liza is thankful for, it's the fact that Enrique is always there beside her, even in times of struggle. “Whenever I would have my panic attacks, he would always be so understanding ‘cause he knows what my childhood trauma is,” Liza shares. “He tries to understand it from that angle instead of just dismissing it like a lot of people in my life do.”

Ganun talaga. I was just thinking about how I can maybe help you to get through this. I think it's just me being there. 'Cause that's all you needed, just somebody to be there," Enrique tells his beau. 


Aww. Stay strong, you two!


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