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8 Pinays Tell Us How They Ended Up With Their Long-Time Crush

'Ngayon, akin na siya!'

We’ve all had those long-time crushes, those beautiful boys who kept us inspired as we fumbled our way through high school or stumbled our way through our first jobs. But most of the time, those burning crushes don’t last forever—they fizzle out once we get older, lose touch, or once the guy goes off with some other girl.

Not for the eight Pinays below, whose biggest crushes turned into their boyfriends or husbands years down the line! Be charmed by their love stories, and go look up that Marco kid from grade school on Facebook—he could be The One all along.

“I would slip notes inside his book—Hello Karlo, thank you for lending me your book today :)’—whenever I had the chance.”

Jany: Karlo was my long-time crush in high school. I remember him being so fun and charming back then.

I never had the courage to speak to Karlo directly, so for him to notice me, I started leaving my algebra book at home on purpose, then I had my friends convince him to lend me his algebra book. (We were in different sections and had different algebra schedules.)

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This became a routine between us, and I would slip notes inside his book—”Hello Karlo, thank you for lending me your book today :)”—whenever I had the chance. But over time, it wasn’t quite clicking. He had a crush on someone else. I began to keep my distance.

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In college, we met again through a friend of mine. My heart started racing when we were about to shake hands. We caught up on each other’s lives and exchanged numbers that night.

The next day, I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world because I received a “good morning” text from him. We started messaging back and forth and talking on the phone. A few months after, we became a couple—he became my first boyfriend.

During one of our dates, he brought out a bunch of notes from his bag. They were the notes I had slipped inside his algebra book years ago! I was shocked. ALL THOSE YEARS HE HAD KEPT MY NOTES.

And here we are now, together for eight years, seven months, and counting.

“He told our friend, ‘Maganda siya pero ‘di ko siya magugustuhan kasi mataba siya.’ That broke my heart.”

Arnold was my crush in the sixth grade. I’ll never forget his pineapple-like haircut, which made me swoon every time I’d see him at our school’s field.

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In high school, we went to different schools, but we had the chance to know each other more when his girl best friend became my friend. She knew about my feelings for Arnold and would volunteer to give Arnold my photos for him to keep. Unfortunately, he didn’t like me back, and being an immature kid, he told our common friend, “Maganda siya pero ‘di ko siya magugustuhan kasi mataba siya.” That broke my heart.

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When we got to college, it was the era of social networking. Once in a while, he would send me birthday greetings and start a short conversation online, but I wasn’t really interested in him anymore.

Years later when we were already working, our relationships ended around the same time. He was working abroad and had just broken up with his girlfriend of five years; meanwhile, I had just been dumped by my boyfriend of four years. I rarely post on social media, and when I did once, I received a message from Arnold asking if I was okay.

From then on, we started talking again. A few months later, we became a couple. After three years of dating long-distance, we are now married.

Whenever I think of it, I still find it amazing that I ended up with my childhood crush from 16 years ago. I’d surely take this lifetime path to be with him even when he’s already old and bald—far from my first memories of him.

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I heard he liked someone else, so for a long time, I just admired him secretly.”

In October of 2011, I started a new job at an online English school. As part of my training, I had to study old lesson reports. I took note of Ryuichi’s name because his reports were the best ones. I didn’t know what he looked like yet, but I admired his writing style.

I saw him for the first time at the office Christmas party that year, where he was awarded “Employee of the Year.” We became friends after that and I found out that he was smart, funny, and a great teacher. I got really infatuated with him—both professionally and personally. But I heard he liked someone else, so for a long time, I just admired him secretly.

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In 2015, he decided to move back to Japan. At his despedida party, just one day before his flight, he told me that he liked me, and that he wished I was moving to Japan with him! Turns out, he had liked me all along! He said it just took him a while to tell me how he felt because he, too, thought I liked someone else!

I looked for a job in Japan immediately after that. All my friends thought I was crazy because I was suddenly starting a new life in a country where I barely knew the language! But I knew in my heart that he was The One, so I didn’t hesitate.

My instincts were right. As soon as I moved to Japan, he asked me to marry him!

We got married last February in Tokyo, and now, I’m inspired every day. It’s surreal to be with someone you really admire and respect. Best part is, he feels the same way about me!

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“I caught myself staring at him kasi ang lapad ng shoulders niya, matangkad, singkit, mabilis kumilos.

AL: I never noticed Jeremy until our PE class back in first year college, when I saw him playing basketball wearing a black sando. I caught myself staring at him kasi ang lapad ng shoulders niya, matangkad, singkit, mabilis kumilos.

Jeremy became a good friend. We would smile at each other in school; sometimes he would initiate small talk. One day, he asked for my number so we could continue our kwentuhan, and I gladly gave it to him. We started texting each other and we even had a silly pet name for each other: “CRUSH.” Funny though, we never became any closer than friends. He got himself a girlfriend during our second year in college, and we started talking less.

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The next thing I heard, he had migrated to the UK to be with his family. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to him, but we remained friends on Facebook.

Fast-forward to January 2014, we reconnected even though we were miles away from each other. We would spend hours talking on Skype, and he would have flowers delivered to me at home. In 2016, he came home to the Philippines to see me and meet my parents. That’s when our long-distance relationship started.

In April 2018, we got engaged in Singapore. We are still in a long-distance relationship, but we are planning to close the distance soon.

Being in a relationship with your long-time crush is something you think only happens in the movies or K-dramas. Dati, tinitingnan-tingnan ko lang siya pero ngayon, akin na siya! It was a long and tough journey, but it was worth it!

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“One time, he ran out of load so pinasahan ko siya ng P2 load para lang makapag-reply siya sa akin!

I had known who Jopher was since first year high school because he was a student government officer and was quite popular, but it wasn’t until second year in 2008 when I actually met him.

My classmates knew I had a huge crush on him. When we saw him at a kiosk in school, my classmates pushed me in his direction so I could get his number and take a picture of him for my contacts. Sobrang hiyang-hiya ako, but I did it.

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We ended up texting sometimes. One time, he ran out of load so pinasahan ko siya ng P2 load para lang makapag-reply siya sa akin!

Come third year, I was in a rocky relationship, while he was courting another girl who ended up being his girlfriend. But I still had a crush on him. His classroom was near the canteen, so I would often go to the canteen just to catch a glimpse of him.

Come fourth year, my boyfriend and I broke up, and Jopher and his girlfriend broke up, too. We had a common friend who orchestrated everything so that he and I started talking again one day. After that day, we started meeting each other after school. By the end of 2010, we were a couple.

We will be celebrating our ninth year together this December. We’ve been through so many ups and downs and gone through so many stages in our lives, but it still feels like a fairy tale that my biggest crush became my boyfriend.

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“We were sharing a table, so he held out his hand and introduced himself to me. I died.”

I first laid eyes on Seth back in 2013 during a summer church camp where we had workshops on basic life skills. He was a nurse then, and he taught a workshop on first aid. He had the most suplado, most bored, and cutest face I had ever seen.

I saw him again at another church activity two months later. We were sharing a table, so he held out his hand and introduced himself to me. I died.

Courtesy of Nikole and Seth
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I looked him up on Facebook and found out that he had a girlfriend. So, as any strong, decent woman would do, I backed off. I didn’t even add him. But I did visit his profile frequently.

Fast-forward to 2016, I had just come from a nasty breakup and learned that he was recently out of a relationship, too. One day, I received a friend request from him. I died again.

For about a month straight, I tried to get on his radar: liking and reacting with “HAHA” to his Facebook statuses, sharing memes he shared so I’d show up on his notifications. After almost three months, he finally messaged me. I died a third time.

It started with just getting to know each other, then teasing, and then, he asked me out on a date. I had doubts because we had both just come from tragic relationships, but before anything progressed between us, we made sure that we were both over our past and were willing to face a possible future together.

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We became a couple in January 2017. Next year, we’ll be achieving one of our goals: getting married. Who would’ve thought I’d end up marrying my crush?

One day, I just realized that I felt jealous every time I saw him talking with some of our female classmates.”

Anna Mae:
I first met Froy in 2013; we were both freshmen taking up Political Science. It all started when I noticed that he was really good in articulating his thoughts in class. When my friend found out that I admired him, syempre kumalat ito agad that even our professors in the department knew about it.

Alam niyo ‘yung feeling na hindi naman ganoon talaga ‘yung nararamdaman mo, pero na-develop lang talaga dahil sa tuksuhan? That’s exactly what happened to me. One day, I just realized that I felt jealous every time I saw him talking with some of our female classmates.

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It was in our third year when my feelings for him began to escalate. His relationship with his girlfriend of two years had just ended, and we became the class “love team.” I was convinced though that he didn’t feel the same way I did.

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We remained good friends, until months before graduation when we became really close. There were times he would invite me to eat dinner or watch a movie. I didn’t want to keep my hopes up, so I told myself that he was just being friendly and started to keep my distance.

But the more I kept my distance, the more he persisted. I straight-up asked him if he liked me, and he admitted that he did! We remained each other’s crushes until the year after graduation, when we finally became a couple.

For me, being in a relationship with someone you’ve had a crush on for a long time is great because by then, you’ve gotten to really know the person and realized that you truly like him for who he is.

“He and I would always fight in our classroom because he’s extremely mapang-asar, and I’m pikon.”

Tenten and I met in the fourth grade. I remember seeing him for the first time and thinking how cute he was with his chubby cheeks and Sharkboy-styled hair. He was also smart, musically talented, and had great wit, and as the school days passed, my admiration for him grew.

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Even though I had a crush on him throughout my childhood, we really didn’t get along well. He and I would always fight in our classroom because he’s extremely mapang-asar, and I’m pikon.


Eventually, as we got to know each other and became really close, we decided to put our childish fights behind us and become the best of friends. Then, in our second year in high school, we finally had the guts to admit the feelings we had for each other. Turns out, the reason he had gone out of his way to annoy me all those years was really to get my attention!

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Since we’ve known each other throughout grade school, high school, and college, you might think we had it easy, but we didn’t. Because we started out really young and immature, there were numerous setbacks, challenges, and doubts expressed by other people. But we kept choosing to work things out and believing that it’s worth fighting for.

If there’s one thing we both learned in our 13 years of knowing each other, it is to be patient. The stars may not be aligned right now, but the timing will always be perfect.

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