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Lovi Poe On Long-Distance Relationships: 'If you want to keep it going, you will make it work'

During the promotional period of her Netflix Philippines film Seasons, Lovi Poe sat down with us to share love advice on several common relationship problems that the Cosmo community asked. 

What should you do if your parents are comparing you to your cousin who just got married, especially if you’re an NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth)? How do you meet new people after being single for over a year? How should you cope if your partner is moving abroad, and neither of you have experience being in a long-distance relationship? The actress proved she has all the answers in this Cosmo Challenge.

"As the love expert, welcome to Dr. Lovi," she opens the episode. Listen to what she has to say here:

Lovi Poe On LDR concerns: “If you wanna make it work, you will make it work.” | Cosmo Challenge

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