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8 Things That Will Make His Heart Melt

How to win major girlfriend points!

1. Always say “thank you.”
Appreciation is the simplest form of care. Showing him gratitude for opening your door, buying you a gift, or taking you out on a date is the easiest way to warm up his insides. Plus, if you thank him enough, he’ll probably repeat the gesture for your pleasure.

2. Breakfast in bed
Who doesn’t like waking up to hot pancakes, freshly fried bacon and eggs, and coffee while still under the pristine comfort of silky sheets? If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then it might be best to satisfy his hunger before he even hits that snooze button. And after he gorges down your fine cooking (Breakfast ideas here!), maybe you two could whip up a dessert of a stickier kind. 

3. Surprise trips
If women find being flown to an exotic location romantic, then you can bet that seat sale ticket on it that men are the same. Whisking him away for some intimate R&R will not only revitalize his soul, but it will also remind him why your relationship is a constant source of emotional sustenance. Take a road trip to the beach. Spend a chilly weekend in the quaintness of Baguio. Board a plane to somewhere you both have never been. Climb a mountain. Book a trip, pack his bags without him knowing, and watch as he falls hard for you all over again. 

4. Being kind to his family
Nothing makes a man crumble into a softie like seeing his girl sincerely interact with the most important people in his life. Take time to chat up his dad. Have lunches with his mom when she invites. Carve out some bonding sessions with his sibs. Next thing you know, he’ll be asking you to be a permanent part of the family.

5. Get him a pet.
Nothing teaches a man a sense of responsibility coupled with unconditional love like a cute and cuddly puppy that sways his woes when you aren’t around. Just make sure he cleans up after it. You wouldn’t want to be stepping all over doggy dung in your killer pair of heels. 

6. Make an effort to get to know his best buds.
If his family was a challenge, then his circle of close friends shouldn’t be so difficult. Just like the fambam, the barkada is a sacred group that could test the relationship’s integrity. Try not to come on too strong the first time you hang out with the gang. Instead, fly under the radar and allow them to pick your brain. Being honest, polite, and down to earth are some initial traits to take into consideration when mingling with a new group. Make a great impression on his friends, and you’re sure to have him eating out of the palm of your hand.

7. Take care of him when he’s sick.
When he’s ill, try and be the chicken soup for his soul, the paracetamol for his heart, and the cure to his pains. Next thing you know, he’ll be the Dr. Love to your naughty nurse.

8. Support his endeavors.
If he has a big basketball game coming up, show your support by being his courtside cheerleader. If he’s into the arts, indulge him by being his movie buddy at local film festivals. If he’s got a business start-up, don’t be afraid to promote his product online to friends and family alike. The ultimate method to melting his heart is no big secret; it can be done by simply backing him up in his pursuits.

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