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Relatable Thoughts You Have When You Make The First Move

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Thankfully, making the first move is actually a *thing* now. It’s 2020 and it’s not a big deal anymore. Gone are the days of waiting around for a potential S.O. to approach you, you can now say “fuck it” and do it on your own. 

If you’ve ever decided to introduce yourself to a potential partner, these thoughts have probably gone through your head before:

“Hmm, interested naman siguro siya.

Maybe long-time crush mo na siya, and ngayon ka lang nagkaroon ng courage to do something. Or you’ve been eyeing this guy the whole night, and ang tagal niya gumalaw. Whatever it may be, you’re probably feeling the urge to approach them because you’re seeing some ~*potential*~ there. 

Kung ano yung potential na yun? You’re not sure yet.

“So, anong game plan?”

Ayan, decided ka na. So anong gagawin mo? You go through a list of things that you could possibly do. 

If you’re starting a convo online: Magwe-wave ka ba sa Messenger? Do you just reply to their IG story? Slide them a DM? Send a meme? ANO?!

If you’re doing it IRL: Do you just go up to them and say hi? Magkukunwari ka ba na natapilok? Should I just flash them a smile and hope they come over? 

“OMG, ano ba ‘tong pinasok ko?!

Finally, you gather up the strength to actually do something! But of course, you have doubts if what you’re about to do is the right thing. Whether you’re doing it online or in person, nakakatakot talaga. Either way, you can’t help but wonder if this is worth pursuing. 


Bahala na!

Eto na, you’re ready to take the deep dive. You did what you had to do—send the message, say hi—and you’re just hoping for the best. And since ikaw nauna, you just wish they would reciprocate and show some interest, too. 

Me to me: "Proud ako sa'yo."

Give yourself a pat on the back—you did it! Be proud of yourself for taking charge and taking a step towards something (or someone) you want. If you end up together, then great! But if not, okay lang rin, at least you took a shot, ‘di ba?

Ikaw? What do you think about when you’re making the first move?


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