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Meet Your Other G-Spot

Do you know what an "N-Spot" is?

Cool study alert: Scientists have recently discovered that sensations from the nipples travel to the same part of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris, and cervix. Other research found that some women have orgasmed from N-spot stimulation alone. In short, second base can bring some serious bliss; just add these moves to foreplay and sex. If a nipple-induced O doesn’t happen, no biggie. If it does, fantastic (and see the “Advanced” section on how to pull it off).

A Warm-Up for the Girls

● While wearing your thinnest cami, have him alternate between blowing hot breaths (with an open mouth) and cold breaths (with pursed lips) over your nipples.

● As you’re kissing him, push your breasts out of your bra ever so slightly. The feel of the fabric rubbing against the edges of your nips—yes, please.

● Buy a cheapo electric toothbrush, and run it around your nipples.

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● Splash water on your t-shirt, and have him gently bite them—the fabric creates a barrier, so it hurts so good.

● Less risk of irritation upstairs means you can experiment with more edibles. Drip a margarita over your nips, and let him lap it up.

● Chopsticks—they’re made for naughty pinching and squeezing.

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Crank the Intensity

● While riding him, lean forward and dangle your nipples above his face.

● As he spoons you, bring his hands around to your nipples so he can raise them up and turn them clockwise.

● Spice up missionary by rubbing your lacy undies over them.

● Have doggie-style sex while lying low on a tactile surface (i.e., a shag rug). With every thrust, your nipples get a little treat.

● Buy a small hand-held fan, and have him position it over your breasts during sex for a sweet, sweet breeze.

● In the shower, have standing sex from behind, letting your soaped-up nips slide against the wall.

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Touch Like This for an Orgasm

● Step one: Have him tease your breasts (everywhere but your nipples) with his tongue and fingers.

● Step two: He can graze the tips of his fingers lightly against your nipples.

● Step three: Have him massage harder using the pads of his thumbs.

● Step four: He should cup his hand over one breast at a time so that the tip of your nipple rests in between his thumb and index finger. Have him squeeze lightly and lick it with the tip of his tongue.

● Step five: With his lips puckered around your nipple, have him suck gently but firmly, letting his head bob up and down until he brings you home for the win.