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13 Men Reveal Their Thoughts The First Time They Came In Contact With A Vagina

Some interesting descriptions in here.
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As women, we were nervous enough about our first sexual experiences. The concept of a penis was a pretty daunting one when all was unknown, but guess what? Men were just as nervous to interact with a vagina for the first time.

In these wonderfully honest Reddit threads, a group of men reminisce on what went through their head the first time man met vagina:

1. "Surprisingly soft"

"I remember being very surprised at how soft it was. The girl was very wet and my finger just slipped in so easily. I gasped." [Via]

2. "I thought it would go further in"

"I was expecting it go get a little farther in, I think? Like I was expecting to be able to penetrate better with it and swoosh it around on the inside, or something. Not sure why I was expecting this." [Via]

3. "Warm"

"Surreal is a good word. I remember being shocked at how moist and warm it was. And thinking 'Fuck yeah, this is awesome'." [Via]

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4. "Felt like heaven"

"I wasn't very sure where to put it. Extremely nervous. The girl just grabbed my penis and put it in the right place, and told me to push. Felt like heaven." [Via]

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5. "Like seeing a celebrity in person"

"For me, it was like seeing a celebrity in person. I was like 'Oh my god!I'm your biggest fan! I've literally seen all your movies!'" [Via]

6. "It had more texture than I thought"

"I actually felt one before I saw one but it was vastly different from what I imagined. I pictured it being very smooth on the inside, but it had much more texture than I thought. The inside had these small bumps that reminded me of this (see below). In retrospect, that was also due to the suction because of the secretion." [Via]

7. "Metallic"

"Honestly, having grown up with a normal amount of porn (define that as you will), there can be no real surprises. At that point I'd seen 'em all: fleshy, sleek, bushy, trimmed, innies, outies, tighties and the gapers. It tasted a lot more metallic than I thought it would though." [Via]

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8. "Where the hell is this thing?"

"I kept putting my hand further down the pants thinking, 'where the hell is this thing?'" [Via]

9. "It reminded me of the Sarlaac pit"

"It creeped me out. It was around the same time I saw Return of the reminded me of the Sarlacc pit." [Author deleted]

10. "Seemed nice enough"

"Seemed nice enough. I'd always liked the idea of a self-lubricating sexual orifice, and appreciated the fact that poop doesn't come out of them. So I figured I might like to try them out at some point. Wasn't disappointed. Wasn't particularly blown away, either. But they lived up to expectations." [Via]

11. "Flappy"

"Prior to seeing my first one in person, I had only experienced the 'hidden lips' vaginas porn had to offer. My first thought was 'that looks kind of flappy' followed immediately by burying my face in it. Learned to never judge a vagina by its cover." [Via]

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12. "Aroused and confused."

"Aroused and confused. The type of wondrous confusion that I truly believe only astronauts and explorers of old experienced." [Author deleted]

13. "Gooey"

"Aside from the standard 'oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I can't believe this is actually happening' my only other thoughts were 'Damn this thing is warm. Also, extremely gooey'. [Author deleted]

Ah, an insight into a man's mind.

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