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More Love Qs (Answered in 20 Words or Less)

Short and sweet, and absolutely no BS.

Q: I want to celebrate our six-month anniversary, but will that freak out my boyfriend?
Six months isn’t celebration-worthy. Acknowledge it with a funny text and he’ll think you’re sweet, not psycho.

Q: I met this guy who has a pretty serious girlfriend. What’s the harm in hanging out and flirting?
If you fall for him, that would suck. If he cheats on her with you, that would also suck.

Q: Is it okay to peek at his phone/email occasionally?
You happen to see a message pop up when he’s in the shower? Okay. You actively go looking? Not okay.

Q: My friend just got a promise ring from her BF. What exactly does it mean?
He is not ready to get married and hopes this nonbinding bling will be enough to keep her around.

Q: My boyfriend is gaining weight, and I’m not that turned on by him anymore. Can I say something?
 Yes…carefully. “Hitting the gym together would be such a turn-on, don’t you think?” and not “You’re getting fat.”

Q: How long should I wait before introducing him to my parents?
After he’s met your friends but before you have your own drawer at his place

Q: After five years of dating, my boyfriend still hasn’t popped the question. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process?
Stop waiting, and tell him you want to get hitched. If he’s the right guy, he’ll come  around.

Q: If a guy doesn’t want to cuddle after sex, does it mean he’s not into you?
No, it means he’s a dude who just had an orgasm and now wants to sleep.

Q: My boyfriend never seems to get jealous. Should I be worried?
Not at all. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, not a measure of love…and it’s not sexy.

Q: One of my boyfriend’s best friends is really rude to me whenever we’re all out together. What should I do?
Ask yourself why you’re dating a guy who’s letting his pal treat you like shit.

Q: Should I be ashamed that my salary is higher than his?
Hell, no.

Q: My guy and I are in an LDR, and we try to send each other fun gifts every month. Any ideas?
Find out his fave restaurant, call and check if they have delivery, then have his meal choice delivered to him.

Q: What exactly is the “third date hesitate”?
Wavering about phoning after date number two because he’s afraid you’ll start calling him your boyfriend if there’s a third.

Q: My BF of three years just found out he has genital herpes, but he swears he never cheated on me.
He’s lying, right? It’s possible he got it before he met you and never had an outbreak until now. But get tested too.

Q: He said he loved me on our second date. Is that even possible?
No. He wants to get in your pants.

Q: Is it normal to have a sex drought in a relationship after you’ve been dating for a while?
Yes, especially after the first six months when the honeymoon phase ends. It should pick back up.

Q: My boyfriend talks about the girl he works with a lot. Is he into her?
Probably not. Suggest you all go out so you can get a vibe. It shouldn’t be awkward if nothing’s there.

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