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The 7 Most Common Sex Injuries

PHOTO: Robert Whitman

Sex is never what it seems like in the movies. Candles aren't always romantic (read: you get WAY too sweaty). Not everyone gets an orgasm each time. And sometimes, you break more than just someone's bed. Ouch.

1. Vaginal tearing

This is the mother of all sex injuries. You'll know right away because you're bleeding right after sex or if it really, really hurts down there. Make sure you're well-lubricated! 

2. Pulling a leg muscle

As with any other form of exercise, it's always best to stretch to avoid pulling a muscle while you're doing the deed. Feeling experimental? That's not a bad thing! But make sure you go slow and steady. ;)

3. Losing foreign objects in your vagina

This one's also very common. While not necessarily a sex "injury," having a condom perform a disappearing act on you is just as stressful! (Note: some women also "lose" tampons in there.)


4. Carpet burn

Hey, it happens. Kudos for being adventurous in bed! Be proud of your bedroom battle wounds! Just make sure to wash with cool water and antibacterial soap afterwards. 

5. Having a sore jaw or neck (or both)

Samantha Jones got it right when she said, "Honey, they don't call it a job for nothin'!" It happens even to the best of us. No pain, no gain.

6. Slips and falls

Balance is difficult even when you're not having sex so we totally understand how you can hurt yourself while you're trying a certain move in bed or in the shower. Get up, dust yourself off, and proceed (with caution). 

7. Penile fracture

Or a broken dick. This usually happens when the penis slides out of the vagina without you knowing and you continue to grind. That's when you hear a ~*pop*~ followed by a ~*crack.*~ It's a pretty serious injury that requires immediate medical attention. 


Source: Women's Health, Bustle

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