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Pinoys Share Their Most Memorable Christmas Stories

'Sinagot niya ako nung Christmas.'
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  1. “When I was eight years old, my mom told me that my gift is the one with the letter ‘R.’ Yay! I found it under the tree and unwrapped it to find the coolest golden mini backpack (I’m a ’90s kid). I was so thrilled until my mom took it from me and said that it’s actually for my cousin whose name also starts with an ‘R.’ My mom suddenly ran to my dad and came back with a drawing of a gift. They told me they forgot to buy me a gift. Well, fuck.” —Rosa 
  2. “My friend decided to get married on December 23 (of all the days of the year!) in Pampanga. I lived in Makati and he told me three days before the civil ceremony. Until the last minute, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to brace the four-hour drive (or more, if you consider Manila’s hellish Christmas traffic). I felt like a very bad friend, but I told him I couldn’t find a driver to take me there. I found out that night that my friends who lived nearer (Quezon City) missed the ceremony and were super late to the reception because they were stuck in traffic for four to six hours.” —Karla 
  3. “My friends used to tease me and my previous girlfriend because our anniversary was December 25. ‘Sinagot ka niya nung pasko? Wow, Christmas gift!’ was their constant joke.” —Arthur 
  4. “He broke up with me on Christmas Day via text. WTF.” —Mica 
  5. “When I was a kid, I was forced to take a nap on Christmas Day with the promise that when I wake up, Santa’s gift would be there. True enough, I woke up to a giant swing set. With eyes wide open, I truly believed that Santa himself brought it to my house. I even analyzed his handwriting on the postcard he sent, and tried to figure out how he and his elves were logistically able to deliver that swing set to my house.” —Anna 
  6. “It was five years ago when we had our first Christmas with my son.” —Teresa 
  7. “It was the Christmas after my boyfriend passed away. I was so lost and confused. I decided not to spend Christmas with my family and join his family instead. We were all grieving his loss, so we turned to each other that time. I was surrounded by people who loved and missed him as much as I did, so it helped ease the pain.” —Tala 
  8. “When I was eight years old, I was a sucker for dinosaurs. I wanted to collect everything from the T-Rex to Stegosaurus. My folks pressured me to get good grades so that I can have the collection by Christmas. I don’t know how the hell I did it, but I got my target grades, even in math. When I showed my folks my report card, they kept their promise. What surprised me most is that Dad had a table-sized replica of a dinosaur land made just for me. I was surprised and overjoyed! That was one of my best Christmas memories.” —Jose 
  9. “I slept the whole Christmas. Sobrang memorable 'yun kasi madalas wala akong tulog.” —Gabby 
  10. “One year, after I broke up with an abusive ex, he began sending me gifts and letters daily in an attempt to woo me back by Christmas. When I ignored him, he began stalking my mother. I had to ask our common friend, a lawyer, to step in and tell him to stop harassing my family so that we could have a peaceful Christmas. He finally stopped.” —Malaya 
  11. “I’m broke this Christmas. No one will forget it, I assure you.” —Chamie 
  12. “I was seven years old when I told my parents that I wanted an automatic pencil case for Christmas. It’s that robotic pencil case where you push buttons and all these compartments would pop out. They said, ‘Just ask it from Santa Claus.’ I replied, ‘Huh? But he’s not even real!’ We argued and ended up making a bet. They dared me to write him a letter, and if he turned out to be real, I’d have to give them money. I bet P500 (which is a huge amount for a seven-year-old) that Santa wasn’t real. On Christmas morning, I woke up to see the pink pencil case of my dreams. I prayed they forgot about our P500-bet and never brought it up again.” —Kate

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