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Moves That Turn Men Off

Are you wondering why your new guy suddenly disappeared on you? Cosmo reveals some dating behaviors that irk most males.

We know. Nothing sucks more than getting kicked to the curb-except maybe getting the boot without a damn clue why. Well, ladies, you’re finally about to get some answers.

Publicizing your motherhood pangs

Okay, fine, babies are cute. And we totally get that someday in the distant future you might (gulp) actually want to (double gulp) have one (gasping for air) with us. That said, broadcasting your maternal yearnings prematurely freaks the crap out of us.

Just ask Jeff, 26, who fled from his girlfriend of five months when she caught baby fever. “Mandy’s sister had a kid, and suddenly our world revolved around her nephew,” he says. “Then she started going on and on about what a great daddy I would make. Fatherhood is the last thing on my mind, so I ran…scared.” Oh, and another thing: Letting marriage aspirations slip early on has a similar I-want-out effect.

Trashing other chicks


“My girlfriend and I were watching MTV when Jessica Simpson’s new video came on,” says Jao, 25. “I said something harmless like ‘Wow, she looks good.’ Out of nowhere, Ana started ripping Jessica apart. It was a real turn-off.” Hot tip: Tame your tongue. Slamming another woman--real or famous--only makes you seem jealous, not to mention totally insecure.

Beating yourself up

The only thing worse than ragging on another babe is criticizing yourself. Take it from Noey, 29, who’d rather tweeze his nose hair than listen to his girlfriend bitch about her body. “Rachelle is thin, but to hear her talk, you’d think she was obese,” he says. “It’s nonstop: ‘I gained three pounds. Do you think I’m fat?’ Is she fishing for compliments or just devoid of self-esteem? I’m so over it.” See, once again, confidence is key. Guys flip for chicks who know they’re all that…or at least fake it.

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Getting too comfy

Six months into the relationship and now you’re sporting lola panties, shaving your legs every fourth day, and actually showing your bodily functions. Meanwhile your guy’s wondering, “Hey, who kidnapped my sex kitten?”

Paul, 27, laments: “When my girlfriend and I first started dating, she regularly got Brazilian bikini waxes,” he says. “Man, was I spoiled. Two years later, I’m lucky if she ‘treats’ me to one on special occasions.” Bottom line: We’re psyched you’re comfortable enough with us to show your true colors, but there’s no need to embrace your inner cowboy.