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Mutual Masturbation And 7 Other Activities To Strengthen Your Relationship

Doing things in tandem has its perks.

Though "the couple that faps together, stays together" has yet to be ingrained in the almanac of sexual adages, there’s a case to be made for mutual masturbation. Although shaving the carrot or flicking one’s bean is usually reserved for solo-flights of fancy, exposing your sexual vulnerability while you and your partner play with yourselves in front of each other can be a healthy experiment that can kick monotony’s ass out of the bedroom.

But titillating private shenanigans aside, there are other duo-friendly activities that can help in tempering a relationship.

Doing things in tandem does have its perks: shared experience, intimate bonding sessions, and mutual stories to tell–but of course, don’t go telling the town about your under-the-sheets activities. That will just ruin the relationship.

Here are seven other shared activities that you and your guy can try out!    


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Whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a run, or sweating your guts out at a yoga class, motivating each other to stay healthy is always a stellar sign of care. And all those post-workout endorphins are sure to have you praising and cuddling each other come cool-down.


Okay, so this is more of a couch potato hobby. But what couple doesn’t enjoy some QT staying in, screening some entertaining flicks, and kicking back to relax. Torture him with the latest rom-coms. He won’t mind…as long as you guys can make out afterwards. 


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There’s always one stronger chef in the relationship, and this is a good thing. That means there’s culinary knowledge to be learned by the less skilled in the kitchen. Instead of blowing your hard-earned cash on some fancy-schmancy restaurant, raid the grocery, put on some aprons, and independently whip up a meal. Then rip off said aprons after so you can cook up a storm of a different kind.


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Just like mutual masturbation, karaoke reveals your partner’s true self: unashamed to croon to Nickelback in his embarrassing shower singing voice. Plus, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.


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Uncloaking yourselves of inhibitions through some liquid courage is a chance for couples to talk things out. When you’re always out getting sloshed with your friends, chances are things are rowdy and you don’t get to enjoy the liquor with each other. Down a few beers, share a bottle of wine, or even knock back a few shots of tequila together and see how far your conversation goes when it’s mano a mano. Just be careful not to reach puke-y stages of inebriation.


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Healthy competition via the arcade (think air hockey, billiards, or a racing game) keeps you and your partner on your toes. Trade in the sweet-talking for some trash talking, make a light bet, and have the loser pay up (hopefully in a kinky way) after. 


Traveling together is an apt way of gauging how you troubleshoot problems as a couple. Seeing the world together is simultaneously romantic and therapeutic. Lounge on the beaches of Phuket. Get lost in Vietnam. Stay warm together in the coldest of mountains. In most cases, if you’ve found that special someone you wouldn’t mind sitting next to on a cramped airplane for hours on end, you’ve got a keeper. 

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