Non-Sexual Body Parts You Can Touch To Turn Him On

And a few he can touch on you, too.
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If you didn't already know, erogenous zones are those sensitive places on your body that lead to sexual arousal when they're touched. And whilst you might be familiar with a touch of the nipple or a nibble on the ear lobe, what about those lesser-known pleasure hot spots?

BuzzPinky brings you six uncommon erogenous zones you didn't know you had, to get your guy hot under the collar (and a couple of places he can touch on you, too.)


1. Thumb

Yep, you read that right. While this little fella (lol) doesn't look particularly attractive or spring to mind when we talk sex, sucking on a guy's thumb can work wonders.

You can use his thumb to tease him massively. Start sucking on the thumb slowly while you gaze into his eyes seductively. This will soon get his imagination working and get him gagging for you to suck elsewhere!

2. Frenulum

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Calling all females: the nerve endings found in this heavenly male spot are said to be as sensitive as a clitoris…enough said. This sweet spot is located on the underside of the penis, just below the head. Run your tongue or thumb over it and you'll get him feeling very hot and bothered.

3. Sacrum

It may sound ultra-clinical, but this is a bone located in the small of a man's back. The nerves in the sacrum are directly linked to his genitals, so if you get your sacrum stimulating bang on, the chances are he'll be stimulated in other areas, too.


4. Wrists

Wrists may not make every female say "ooooh," but they are ultra-sensitive. When touched, kissed, and stimulated by your significant other, these little areas can make for big turn-ons.

5. Lips

Yes, we all love some lip action, but do you know why? Lips are the most exposed erogenous part of a female's body—which might be why kissing can often make you hornier than your partner.

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Women can even reach orgasm from kissing alone, and lips are 100 times more sensitive than fingers. So, tongues and lips at the ready.

6. Ankles

Touching these may turn you into a giggling mess, but believe it or not, a woman's ankles are ultra-sensitive spots. The nerve endings are linked to key areas that include the vagina and uterus. Start off with a soothing foot rub and you'll soon see where the night can take you.

Happy exploring!


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