11 Wild Office Sex Confessions That Are So Juicy

'I bent her over my boss' desk.'
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There's no two ways about it, we just love reading people's IRL sex confessions. Whether it's people sharing tales of having sex with a boss or an officemate, hotel sex stories, or celebrity Mile High club sex confessions, we're obsessed with other people's sex lives.

So, here are 11 people sharing their office sex stories.

  1. "It was during a boss/receptionist relationship. We went back to the office after our work Christmas party. He swept all the work off his desk, picked me up, put me on his desk and fucked me. The next week, I recall seeing something on the floor, knowing why it was there, and it was the best feeling. Sexual fantasy accomplished!" [via]
  2. "I was in a committed relationship with a person that I had actually met and fell for at that job. We'd joked about it for months, and after I'd put in my notice, during my last week there, he surprised me by closing the door and going for it. My brain said no, but, well. It was an experience I wouldn't have missed and will probably never repeat." [via]
  3. "It was on my boss' desk. Me and my ex (who was also my coworker) stayed after hours and I bent her over the desk. It was pretty great." [via]
  4. "I used to work late night in a store and the sexual tension was too strong to resist. We even did it when the store was open, and we were the only two there. It was pretty dead at night though. I had some fun times with him." [via]
  5. "On the desk late at night in my lockable office with my wife (GF at the time). We went at it for about 20 minutes. I'll admit I was a little worried someone would actually come by and hear us, but we also tried to keep super quiet." [via]
  6. "I tried it once. It went terribly and got awkward fast. Never again. Though, that was with someone who was just a fling. One time, I started working where my boyfriend was working. We definitely did stuff at work. It was fun, and we never got caught. But I would never start something with a coworker where we didn't already have something stable outside of the job." [via]
  7. "I was dating the HR Manager, and we had sex in her office with the employees a few feet away." [via]
  8. "When I was in grad school, I would fool around in the office with my SO when everyone else was gone. The idea was I didn't take it seriously, and I knew it wouldn't really affect me or anyone else. It was a big professional risk." [via]
  9. "I have had sex with a friend in his office. Needless to say, it was way after hours when no one would show up. It was usually foreplay and what not in his office, but we'd progress to the bathroom for a bit more privacy for the nitty gritty." [via]
  10. "My office at my old job had one of those family bathrooms for one person at a time or whatever. We both snuck in together, and I took her to pound town." [via]
  11. "We were just randomly driving past her office one night, she pointed it out, I said we should stop in and have sex... and then we did. Definitely not every woman I've dated would have been down for that." [via]
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