8 People Reveal The Moment They Realized Their Partner Didn't Love Them Anymore

Some of these are pretty savage.
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When it comes to being dumped, there's nothing particularly nice about being on the receiving endand as these Reddit users explain, the moment where you realise your significant other doesn't love you anymore is probably the worse.

1. "I kissed her and she laughed uncomfortably."

"She came home from a work trip. I met her at the airport and kissed her and she laughed uncomfortably and half-turned away. I planted the kiss half on her lips and half on her cheek. It's weird to feel awkward with someone you've known intimately for so many years. This kicked off several weeks of weirdness, deception on her part, snooping on my part, and the final realization that she cheated on me during her work trip and it was still continuing. Worst feeling in the world."

2. "We looked at each other and just knew."

"Me and my ex (who I had been seeing for three years or so) had just gone a few weeks without seeing each other because I was out of town. I got back and we decided to go to the hardware store for something. We shopped together, got in the car, looked at each other for a long time and he said 'This is over, isn't it?' and I said 'Yes, I think so.' And that was the end of it. It was really weird, but we both just knew it at the same moment. I guess we just had no feelings left for each other at that point."

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3. "He stopped communicating with me."

"When I realized I couldn't have interesting, stimulating conversations with him. He just didn't care about learning. I came to see that we'd never have challenging conversations, only me trying to explain why I even cared about things. We didn't last very long after that realization. I'm now happily married to a guy who loves to learn and discuss. It's awesome."

4. "He texted me out of the blue."

"My significant other of six years texted me one day, 'I don't think we should be together anymore' out of NOWHERE. We were literally talking about hanging out three hours earlier, as we usually spent every day together. Me, being the stubborn jackass that I am, responded only with "Ok" because I didn't want to seem like a pussy. Three years later, we still have not talked, and I still have no idea what happened, and I think about it every day."

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5. "When she showed no compassion whatsoever."

"When I got into a car accident, called her and told her, and it didn't seem to phase her one bit. All she said was 'Oh, I'm sorry.' Nothing about if I was okay (I was), if my car was badly damaged (I totalled it)nothing. From there, she texted me less, showed less affection towards me, and eventually just stopped contacting me all together without an "official" breakup. We just went our separate ways without saying goodbye."

6. "She ignored me when we were in a group."

"She slowly started talking to me less and less. I had to make a lot of effort just to communicate with her, and when we were out with a group she acted almost as if I weren't there. I don't know if there was a point of sudden realization, but I slowly had to accept that she didn't want me anymore. It hurt."

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7. "When she didn't care about my friends"

"I realized it when I called my long-distance girlfriend to tell her that one of my best and oldest friends had committed suicide while she was on vacation in Thailand and all she said was, 'I'm sorry. That sucks. Me and the guys are about to go to beach, so can I let you go?' That was rough. We broke up over Skype a week later."

8. "I knew by the way she looked away after I did something nice for her."

"We were having a tough time, and she asked me to make some changes for us. One of those was coming to see her at work, at the zoo. I got up there with a fresh bottle of ice water after I left work early to see her. She was giving presentations that day. I was so proud of her that day! But I walked up and handed her the water, and her eyes darted away. Right then I knew it was over, just from the slightest glance. I spent the rest of the day with knots in my stomach, waiting for the axe to fall."

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