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You Should Give Your Guy's Balls Some TLC

It'll pay off, promise.
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

1. Because balls often have a bad rep.
They’re not the most attractive part of the body. They’re wrinkled, hairy, and they just hang there. Balls are a part of his nether regions that are often overlooked. Make them feel special sometimes. Show them bad boys some love!

2. It’s a sensitive area that can experience sensation.
Although there are a lot of pain receptors on his balls, with proper stimulation (i.e. licking), you can give him some pleasure, too. Find his sweet spot and be gentle!

3. They’re a good distraction to keep him from coming too quickly.
Give the shaft the downtime it deserves! Focusing on his balls from time to time will allow you to prolong the lovemaking process.

4. Giving them a light tug right before climax can heighten the orgasmic experience.
This way, your man can thank and repay you later. *wink*

5. Exploring parts unknown will signal your man into doing the same for you.
It could be a way to open the lines of communication. Isn’t that what sexual experimentation is for?

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