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4 People Get Real About Being Turned On By Peeing

It can really bring you closer in a relationship.
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Featured spoke with one anonymous woman and two anonymous men who are turned on by peeing and being peed upon.

How old were you when you engaged in urine play for the first time?

Woman A: Twenty-two or twenty-three.

Man A: Twenty-nine.

Man B: Twenty.

Man C: I first started holding my pee when I was about 10, holding until I was bursting. I first peed on myself at around the age of 14.

What kind of urine play do you engage in?

Woman A: I worked in a dungeon as a dominatrix, where urine play was very common. I urinated on my clientsthey never did that to me.

Man A: During a shower together, my partner mentioned that she was in dire need to urinate. I told her to just go in the shower. She was reluctant and I convinced her to urinate on me. She then urinated on my chest and I maneuvered myself so that she sprayed on my face.

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Man B: I enjoy giving and receiving, but playing with females only, either in the bathtub or outdoors in seclusion. We both drink lots of water so that our bladders are full. Whether it happens before, during, or after sex depends on how full our bladders are. I also enjoy it when my partner urinates herself as I love seeing her clothing or panties get wet.

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Man C: Golden showers with myself, desperation play, wetting myself, and various challenges like seeing how far I can pee. Desperation is where you have to pee, but you hold it until either you wet yourself, or give up and go to the bathroom. One common way to get desperate is called Rapid Desperation. You drink, maybe 250 ml of water every 10-15 minutes. Within an hour, most people will end up wetting themselves. I usually do [self] golden showers in the bath, for easy cleanup. I just put my feet over my head, angling my penis over my mouth or body, and pee away. Masturbation is also incorporated with my pee play. I find that having a full bladder intensifies my orgasm.

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Do you do it only with serious partners, or in casual relationships too?

Woman A: It was for work mostly, although I tried it a couple of times with my partner. We were serious.

Man A: Only the once with a very serious partner.

Man B: Only casual relationships. I've never had a serious partner who enjoyed it.

Man C: I have only ever done it with myself, but I would be willing to try it with serious partners or in casual relationships.

Whose idea was it to try it for the first time—yours or your partner's? What made you or them want to try it?

Woman A: It was my idea. I saw how much my clients loved it so I wanted to know if my partner would too. He didn't let me urinate on him, but he wanted to do it to me. So I let him.

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Man A: It was mine. Spontaneity made me want to try and because she needed to urinate.

Man B: Mine. The urination came from her needing to go and I jokingly said I wanted to watch. She eagerly agreed and I played with her while she went. It progressed from there.

Man C: I haven’t had a partner yet.

Did you enjoy it?

Woman A: It was kind of a control thing if you ask me. I enjoyed it with my partner because he liked doing it. I am a bit of a people pleaser.

Man A: I did enjoy it. It was something taboo and different and therefore a bit exciting.

Man B: Of course. It was a long-time fantasy that became a reality.

Man C: I wanted to try it because I thought the warmth would feel very good. i definitely enjoyed it.

What is the psychological turn-on of urine play for you?

Woman A: Urinating on my clients made me feel I was in control. Like I was better than them. It was a big ego booster.

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Man A: The taboo and newness of it all was quite exciting. I also enjoyed the submission to my partner in a way, which was also brand new to me.

Man B: I am dominant sexually and commanding someone to participate excites me. Breaking a "taboo" is also exciting but taboos are in the eye of the beholder. There are people who still believe that oral sex is taboo! I also enjoy being urinated on but it's not about being dominated. I enjoy the visual aspect of woman standing or crouching over me, her legs spread and holding her labia open as a golden stream flows.

Man C: Part of it is the taboo aspect, not many people engage in it.

And what is the physical turn-on?

Woman A: The change of temperature in urine is a big physical turn-on. Also, it doesn't smell like urine. To be able to engage in urine play you have to drink a lot of water. I used to drink about a gallon of water before going in with a client.

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Man A: I don't think there was any physical turn-on. The turn on was purely psychological—I couldn't feel much difference between the urine and the shower on my skin.

Man B: I don't really get excited by the sensation of urine. It's more the visual aspect of the act. I also get excited seeing a picture or video of a woman urinating.

Man C: A big part of the pleasure is the holding/desperation for me. The feeling of finally letting it go after holding for a long time is orgasmic. When I'm desperate, my whole body tenses up. When I finally release, I feel relaxed, kind of like right after an orgasm or finish a workout. Another aspect for me is the warmth of the pee is very soothing, especially on a cold day.

Are golden showers a regular part of your sex life now?

Woman A: Not anymore. I left that job, and I have a different partner now.

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Man A: No. It's not something that I would enjoy on a regular basis, or even outside of the shower.

Man B: No. It's always difficult to find a partner that shares my desires and fantasies.

Man C: Yes. I engage in self golden showers at least a few times per month. I engage in desperation at least 3-5 times per week.

Do you have any advice for Cosmo readers curious about trying a golden shower?

Woman A: It isn't as gross as it seems. Try it in the shower. It can really bring you closer together in a relationship. I mean....would you let just anyone urinate on you?

Man A: Use a shower—there's no mess to clean up. Drink lots of water because it makes for a stronger, better-smelling stream.

Man B: One person's taboo is another person's penchant. If it feels "ick" then it's probably not for you.

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Man C: Drink a lot of water beforehand. This dilutes the urine to mostly water, making it taste a lot better.

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